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You will never regret being a work-from-home mom…

work-from-home mom
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The flexible work model, which is also referred to as a gig economy model, is taking the world by storm and in India too, its impact is seen. Worldwide, it has been reported that by the end of 2020, almost 45% of the workforce will either do work-from-home jobs or freelancing works so that they can have more time at home. For working moms, work-from-home jobs are very useful. Even for non-working moms or housewives, doing some kind of jobs from home has proved to be very beneficial for them. Flexibility in working gives you the opportunity to work as well as earn, and this is what majority of Indian women prefer, right?

Presenting below the benefits of being in work-from-home  jobs

More time with loved ones: This is one of the prime benefits of being in a work-from-home  job. You get more time to spend with your loved ones, be your kids, husband, parents or in-laws. You are ready for your kids at all time. And yes, you don’t miss their formative periods of growing up. Trust me, the kind of satisfaction that you get when you have time for your children or family is thousand times better than a million-dollar job.

Flexible work hours: You have no fixed work schedule but a flexible one and you work as per your convenience. You can schedule your time to do your household duties in between your office work.

Flexible work environment: You are not working in an office environment. You have your own workspace in your own home where you work comfortably. In fact, you create your own work environment as per your tastes and style. Oh yes, work-from-home  jobs are also such that you can work even when you travel.

No more thinking about formal dresses: Get to work in your pajamas or night suits. There is no one to comment anything on your dress. And, yes, you are not in unnecessary tension to look your best all the time.

No office distractions: It has been reported that work-from-home  jobs provide greater productivity because there are no unnecessary distractions as seen in an office environment like as gossips, controversies, coffee breaks etc. Your sole focus is in the completion of your work before your kids come back from school.

Zero commuting: You don’t have to commute to office. You don’t have to face the morning rush, crowds and traffic. At home, you can save big time and also money.

You have time for yourself: Unlike in a regular job where there is hardly any time for a working mom, a work-from-home job helps a woman to have her own “ME” time. You can learn a new skill, you can take up a new hobby, or have a social life too.

Other benefits include

  • Perfect work balance
  • Reduces your stress level
  • You can focus on your passion
  • You can save money on everyday costs
  • Gain a sense of control and contentment
  • Financial independence

Yes, doing work-from-home jobs has its perks and advantages. Think about it.

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