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Why Only Women? Some Unanswered Questions Pertaining to Indian Society for Women Career

Geeta gets irritated very easily these days. She gets irritated when she goes to the children park in her society and sees the children playing with the maids and not with their mothers as they have working mothers. Her frustration increases further, when she meets her friends in the markets or anywhere else, as they are doing professionally very well. She gets irritated because she is confined to her home. She is a post-graduate in Mathematics but she is at present a housewife, or on a better note, a homemaker.

This is the situation in most of the families in Indian homes. There are hundreds of “Geeta” in Indian society, who are educated and qualified but are made to give up their career due to marriage and kids. But why?


Why only women?

  • Why women have to make a choice between career and household? Men do not have to feel the pressure of making this choice, do they?
  • Why they are accustomed to the thought instilled on them since young age that the ultimate success of a woman lies in a happy household?
  • Why does a woman need to be a perfect wife, a perfect mother and of course a perfect daughter-in-law? Why can’t we expect a man to be a perfect husband, a perfect father and a perfect son-in-law?
  • When a man becomes a father, his career is not at stake but why does a woman have to leave a job when she has a baby? Does a man not have an equal right to be happy and experience the precious moments of fatherhood just like a woman?
  • Why a woman even when she takes up a job after becoming a mother has to think about ways to organize childcare and household tasks, which ultimately make her career to take a step back?
  • And even when they work, why do many Indian women have jobs and not a full-fledged career?

These are some answered questions pertaining to Indian society for women career and jobs, since ages. We say women are advancing and making a mark in all sectors. But, things are not so bright as they seem to be. Interestingly, this scenario is most common in middle- and upper middle-class households, where the groom and his parents will definitely look for an educated daughter-in-law but after marriage, she is more involved in home management as a wife, mother and a daughter-in-law, rather than being a professional woman.

The day when this age-old thought process will change, we will have women empowerment in the real sense.

GharSeNaukri.com is True Women Empowerment

GharSeNaukri.com understands many educated women are not able to take up a job. This is not because there is scarcity of job opportunities. This is because most women cannot take up a regular job for various reasons after marriage. For all these women, we are your  best partner  for all constraints. Manage your household tasks and at the same time work from home and build your career. Hundreds of work-from-home, part-time, flexible jobs await you. All you need is to register on the site, browse, and apply for jobs. Don’t let your career take a backseat. You have equal rights to be empowered, financially sound and build a successful professional career just like your male counterparts.

Get in touch with us at hr@gharsenaukri.com or give us a ring at 9266660121.

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