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Women and financial independence – A direct impact in the family relations

women and financial independence
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Every society needs a churning up from time to time to keep it in sync with changing scenarios. The later second half of 20th century saw a social revolution of sorts all over the world and many traditional stereotypes and dogmas were broken. One such dogma was – “women should only take care of home and men should work”.In India, this dictum was followed with impunity and persists to some extent even till today.

Hurdles faced by job-seeking women

Millions of educated women still find it impossible to take up jobs, particularly after marriage, just because it is frowned upon by the in-laws or the conservative elements in the society. Some women are not able to work because of childbirth issues and for the need to bring up young children with proper attention and so they choose to be stay at home mom.  There are many who do not get a desirable job in their city and so can’t hold a job while some have various health reasons stopping them from holding a steady job. For all these women, a “GharSeNaukri” is an ideal situation that would give them a chance to work without sacrificing their other responsibilities and roles.

Financial independence is key to women empowerment

The reason why in many houses women are treated unfairly is directly linked to their personal financial status. Those who come from liberal households and are pursuing a career, stand much less chances of unfair treatment than those who are not inclined towards doing a job and being financially independent. A woman who is not financially independent may get whatever she wants but not in every house will she get it with absolute dignity. So, every woman should try her best to do a job that gives her some financial stability. It does not matter whether it is a regular 9 to 5 office job or a “GharSeNaukri” job.

A Happy family with “GharSeNaukri”

GharSeNaukri” is a brilliant opportunity for those women who would like to work and be financially independent but for some reasons are not able to hold an office job. It is an online job portal that is especially dedicated to women so that it can empower them with financial stability. Trust this, when you earn your own money, and that too without stepping out of your house or ignoring your household responsibilities, everybody from your hubby to your in-laws would grant you your much deserved dignity and respect. This would mean a better family environment full of cheers for you and your growing up kids.

Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs! Register Now !

There is a “GharSeNaukri” for every woman. The portal has onboard, companies from across all industries offering a plethora of online jobs. You can take up jobs like Content writer, Web designer, Tele-marketing executive, Consultant, MLM agent, tutor, dress designer, garment manufacturer etc.  These are just proverbial tip of the iceberg job openings. If you visit the portal “GharSeNaukri” you will find hundreds of job categories to choose your dream job from. So, what are you waiting for? Log On to India’s “women only” online job portal and register right away with your most detailed CV. All the best for a financially independent life and a happy family!

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