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What are the Different Ways of Working from Home by Women?

working from home
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In today’s time, there are many professional women who are giving up their full-time jobs and are opting for work from home jobs. There are many reasons for this gradual shift towards work from home – to stay home with children, to take care of an ailing member of the family, to maintain work-life balance or simply to work peacefully at home avoiding office politics, work grind and commute.

Now when you have decided to work from home, you should also know the different ways to do so. You are the best person to determine which way to adopt to do work from home…

Presenting below a few ways to work from home

Work-At-Home Job or Telecommuting Job

This is one of the most commonly adopted jobs from home. A telecommuter works remotely, without visiting the office regularly. Usually, it is like a full-time work from home job where your physical presence is not required but your virtual presence is needed. In other words, you should be available to the employer by phone or email as and when required. At times, the employer may also require the employee to log-in in a secured virtual network to complete tasks. In a work-at-home job or telecommuting job, you would be working in the same type of job as in a traditional office setting but away from the office. Some popular work-at-home jobs include content writing, HR recruiting, customer service, virtual assistant, online tutoring, telemarketing, online tutoring jobs. Work-at-home jobs offer a steady income and a stress-free work environment. You get a monthly salary like a regular job which is subject to taxation as well. The disadvantages are there is not much of flexibility in working hours and all employers pay benefits are not available.


This is another way of working from home. You can be self-employed. There are different self-employed jobs like as content writing, SEO and digital marketing services, accounting, web designing, graphic designing, academic writing services etc. There are many options to choose from in a self-employed job. For instances

Contract-based work

You can take up contractual work. Employers instead of taking full-time employees hire candidates as contractors. The contract jobs can be full time or part time for a fixed duration but you can work from home. The basic objective is that you need to complete the work assigned on time. The payment is made as soon as the contract duration is over and your work is complete. Here, you are considered independent from the company for tax purposes, and therefore, you need to manage your own self-employment taxes.

Freelance work

Freelance Work is more or less similar to contract work. Freelancers work under their given name, usually as a sole proprietor and is hired by a company to provide a service. There is no fixed duration in freelance work. It can extend from a month/months to a year or more. Freelancing work offers great flexibility and you can take up any number of projects as per your capability from different employers at the same time.

Advantages of being self-employed

You can get a steady income and there is flexibility in your work schedule. There is also increased independence and the employer has little control over your work, though they can give their inputs in what they want. You can start your own business from home by offering freelancing or contractual services. With experience and skill, you can also set your price.

Disadvantages of being self-employed

But the disadvantage is that there may not be regular work, employers can ask you to leave immediately. As a contractor, you may need to sign a non-compete agreement where you are not supposed to provide similar service to companies in the same industry. Competition is quite high in some jobs. You need to pay self-employment taxes.

Start a Home Business

If you really want to work from home and be your own boss, one best option is start a home business. Use your skill to start something of your own. Women in Business can start their home business by using their cooking, baking, creative or talent skills. In fact, you can have a business up and running within a month if you have an idea and passion to do it. Maybe, you can start as a baker, confectioner, painter, jewelry maker, fashion accessories maker etc. You can start service business as a beautician, music teacher, dance teacher, home tutors, tiffin service and so on. There are several ways to turn your creative talents into a home business.

Advantages of a Home Business

You are your own boss. You have flexible timing to work. You work as per your own convenience. You set your own prices. Your hobby is your business, and hence you have the requisite skills to make your product.

Disadvantages of a Home Business

Income may not be regular. It can take time to generate income. You need to invest your own money to start a business. Loan facilities are available but you need to earn enough to repay the loans.

Buy a Home Business

This is another option that can be taken up to work from home by women. It is suitable for those women who have entrepreneurial skills. For those women, who do not want to start a home business from scratch, you can opt for the following to buy a business:

·       Buy an existing home business from another owner

·       Buy a franchise home business

·       Buy a business opportunity

·       Buy a direct sales business


A product or service is already available with a ready-made market but you need to expand it. All marketing plans and materials are available with you. You need to implement them with your own inputs too. It gives you a good income when you can run it successfully.


It can be expensive. Competition is fierce


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