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Top Signs of “Out of Balance” Work-life and How to Get Rid of It


Maintaining a work-life balance, especially for women professionals, is actually a big challenge. Work at offices, activities, relationships at home and work and several other factors can influence work-life balance, either in a positive manner or in a negative manner. For those who have their own business, this is all the more difficult. Many a time, professionals feel that they are actually following a proper work-life balance but in reality they are not aware of the fact they are actually going out of balance. How do you get to know this?


How do you know that you are not following a work-life balance?

Let’s find out below the top signs of an out of balance work life and how to get out of it

Are you overweight or out of shape? How many times it so happens that when you are in front of the mirror, you dislike your looks and appearance? You may see few extra pounds in your belly area or you feel tired after climbing a flight of steps. These are all signs of an out of balance lifestyle where you are concentrating more on your work, at home or office. This, ultimately affect your life in a negative manner as it affects your health.


  • Give some time for exercises or walks
  • Eat sensibly
  • Nothing like adding your family members in your exercise regime

Are you constantly over busy? Suppose some friend of yours Whatsapp you to chat with you, do you reply you don’t have time or you are busy? Maybe you are not finding time to see the new movie or going out for lunch with your friends or going out anywhere because your schedule is just too tight. Your social life is gone for a toss. This means that you are in an unmanageable schedule making your life out of balance.


  • Streamline your tasks
  • Prioritize
  • Simplify

Do you want to do all things right and perfectly? If you spend too much of your time and energy to get a particular thing done “very perfectly” on account of which other things get neglected, then it’s time to change that strategy. To be perfect is fine but to be a perfectionist always is not advisable. Perfectionism is another cause for dis-balance in life.


  • Relax
  • Don’t stress too much if not done perfectly
  • Sacrifice a few good things for a few better things

Is your home office or your workplace is in a mess? If yes, then this means that you are giving so much emphasis on your work that you have forgotten to keep your workspace neat and tidy. You will never like to work in a messy environment but you are so engrossed in your work that you have failed to notice this, which is ofcourse, a sign of dis-balance in your life. A lot of clutter paves the way for overloading of work, burnout, and lack of balance. Managing your personal workspace is always very essential to improve productivity.


  • Throw away garbage
  • File your paper works
  • Keep your office table organized
  • Organize your home office

Do you think that if you overwork, you are more efficient? Staying late at work to impress your seniors is not a good idea. On the contrary, this shows your inefficiency of not completing your work on time. In fact, this is another way of spending less time at home, creating a dis-balance work-life. Whether you work from home or at your office, devote yourself fixed hours of work.


  •  Remember, your boss will be more impressed with the quality of work done and not with the number of hours devoted.
  • Learn to schedule your work on the basis of your priority
  • Do not waste time during office hours by taking small breaks very often

Is your family been ignored? You know that you are in an out-of-balance work-life when you tend to ignore your immediate family members. You come home from office late, take your dinner and go off to sleep. Do you remember when was the last time you spent time with your children or your parents? When was your last “date” with your spouse? When did you last go out for a vacation with your family? When you disconnect yourself from your family, you know that work-life balance is completely out of balance.


  • Give time to your family everyday no matter what
  • Leave your office on time.
  • If you work from home, devote fixed hours in your work
  • Go out for a vacation once in a year
  • Take time out for movie, dinner, social visits

Are you losing your temper very often? Being out of balance between office work and personal lives leads to anxiety and stress, and this is usually been manifested in temper loss and anger outbursts. If you feel that you are losing temper unnecessarily, you are short-tempered and finding faults with others, especially your spouse, you know that you are struggling with work-life balance.


  •  Handle stress by meditation
  • Do yoga
  • Vent your anger out in a productive way
  • Take up a hobby

Do you take time to sleep well at night? Last but not the least, if your work is not letting you sleep, if you are constantly under pressure of achieving a target and not sleeping properly, if you constantly worry about your work, you know your life is out of balance


  • Have your dinner at a fixed time everyday
  • Take a stroll before going off to sleep
  • Try yoga to improve your sleep

These are the few signs of an “out-of-balance” work-life.

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