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Top 7 Tips to Restart your Second Career

Tips to restart your career

There are many reasons to be out of work for a woman. The most prominent reasons are you are pregnant or you have taken a break to raise your children or to take care of an ailing parent or in-laws, or sometimes transfer of job location of the spouse. Whatever the reasons, if you are out of work and you want to rejoin, things are not so easy and the prospect of returning back to work life should be planned in a proper way. The following article will give you some tips on how to restart your second career.

  1. Make up your mind: If you really want to join back to the workforce, you should not be in double mind. You should be very clear that you really want to restart your career. This is not something that you have to be forced upon, rather it should be on your own will and you should be both mentally and physically prepared to restart all over again.
  2. Full-time or part-time jobs: The next big question is what type of jobs do you want to do? Do you want to go for a regular 9-to-6 job or you want to work in flexible hours? If you are a new mother and want to restart, the best advice is to opt for a work-from-home job so that you can give time to your new-born baby too. You should be clear on how many hours you really want to devote to your new job when you want to restart your career.
  3. Research the market: Restarting a career means that you have had a gap in your career at least for a year or more. So, it is very essential that you should be aware of the job market trends. Research thoroughly as many changes have taken place in the job market during your break. Apply for jobs which are relevant for your skills. Always remember, there will be stiff competition for career re-starters.
  4. Upgrade your skills: It is always advisable to know your skill gap and upgrade yourself to restart your career. Learn something new which can be an additional qualification in your CV.
  5. Update your profile: This is very essential when you restart your career. First of all, update your resume. Add your new skill (if any), mention in a professional manner the reason of your career gap, mention your interests. Your resume should be updated in all the job portals, including LinkedIn. Some prominent job portals include naukri.com, monster.com. For work from home jobs, you can apply on indeed.com or gharsenaukri.com. Apply for jobs that suit your qualifications, experience and skills.
  6. Grow your network: Once you have decided to restart your career, it’s time to get in touch with ex-colleagues, ex-boss, and friends. Ask them to help you out. Networking is very important in today’s time. It is essential to connect and reconnect.
  7. Interview preparation: Last but not the least, once you decide to join back, you should prepare yourself for the interview too. Be confident while facing the interview board. Know your skills to present before the employer in a proper manner. You should also know how to present your career gap in a positive way. You should display confidence that you have good ideas on how you can contribute and at the same time you are open to new opportunities.
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