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This Diwali Don’t Forget To Do These for Luck, Prosperity and Success


Diwali, the festival of lights and diyas, symbolizes the “victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance”. It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy cleaning up their homes to welcome Maa Laxmi. Besides keeping the house neat and clean and lighting up the house, there are few more things that you can do to welcome Luck, Prosperity and Success as per ancient Hindu scriptures, including Vastu and FengShui.


Yama Deep on Dhanteras

It’s a common practice to buy gold and silver coins, jewellery, utensils or anything made of metal on Dhateras, the first day of Diwali. Buying any metal product is considered auspicious on this day. Another auspicious thing that is to be done on this day is to light a diya in front of the house and keep it burnt the entire night. This is known as “Yama deep”, which is lit to please God of Death as well as the departed souls of the family. It is said that keeping a lighted diya at the entrance of the house on Dhanteras helps to avert untimely death of anyone in the family.

Moving 27 things in the house

As per Vastu, moving the positions of 27 things on the day of Diwali brings good luck and prosperity. These things can be anything, from changing the placing of the wall paintings to changing the placing of cups and plates in the kitchen or the position of the flower pots and so on.

Remove negative energy by using salt water

It is also believed that when we mop the floor with salt water, especially rock salt, it removes negative energy from the house. This should be done preferably once in a week. But make it a point to spray salt water in each corner of the house on Diwali day. Salt absorbs all the negativity from air and purifies the environment.

Refill your sugar jar

To make something sweet is a common practice on Diwali. Another auspicious thing that you can do is to refill your sugar jar in the kitchen so as to ensure that the coming days are sweet and happy.

Draw Swastik symbol on Diwali

Swastik symbol has great significance in Hindu mythology and ancient scriptures. The four arms of Swastik symbolizes four main directions, the four Vedas, the four aims of human life Dharma, Arth (acquiring wealth), Kama (fulfilling desires) and Moksha (liberation from this earthly life) and also four stages of life: Brahmacharya, Grahasth, Vanaprasth and Sannyas. Drawing Swastik in the four corners of the house and at the entrance, in the puja ghar is considered very auspicious on Diwali to bring in luck and prosperity.

10 auspicious things to keep in your home or your safe

As per Tantra shashtras, it is believed that if you keep these 11 things (all or any one of these) at your home, no financial crunch will ever be seen in the house.

1.    Hatha Jodi: Wrap Hatha Jodi in a red cloth and keep it in your safe.

2.    Shri Yantra: Get a Shri Yantra containing the image of Goddess Lakshmi along with other 33 God and Goddess and keep it in the puja ghar.

3.    Moti Shankh: Keeping a moti shankh attract positive energy at your house or workplace.

4.    Lakshmi kauri: Keep “Lakshmi kauri” tied in a red cloth at the place where you keep your money

5.    Gomti Chakra: Keep 11 Gomti chakra in yellow or red cloth in your safe will keep you financially strong.

6.    Aakde roots: Keeping white Aakde roots in the puja ghar or in the safe is highly beneficial.

7.    Ekakshi nariyal: Keep a one-eyed coconut in your home.

8.    Dakshinavarti shankh: A rare conch shell but has tremendous power to bring in luck and prosperity.

9.    Laghu Nariyal: Keeping a small coconut, wrapped in a red cloth is also beneficial for the home.

10.  Kamal gatta: Made from lotus seed, Kamal gatta is very auspicious as Goddess Lakshmi is found seated on this flower. This can be used for chanting prayers.



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