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Returning to work after maternity leave: Make it easy and less stressful


Your maternity leave is just going to end and you have to join back your office. As a new mother, you are now in a conflicting state of mind filled with lot of emotions. While your work is important, leaving behind the baby at home is giving you sleepless nights. And you are in that constant guilt feeling. But, things won’t be so difficult if you plan your joining back to your office in a proper manner, keeping all aspects in mind.


Let’s find out some effective tips to make your returning back to work after maternity leave easy and less stressful…

Prepare the logistics few days before joining back: The first major concern is with whom the baby is going to stay the whole day. If you have your in-laws or parents staying with you, you are a lucky woman. Even then, a trustworthy full-time nanny is always recommended. Some new mothers have to keep their babies in day-care centers when they have no options available. Before leaving for your office, you need to stock up a bag with all the necessary products of the baby required for the day. This includes nappy pads, napkins, baby wipes, baby food, towels, clothes, toys and so on. One important requirement for all modern professional new mothers is a sterilized breast pump to stock up your breast milk which can be given to the baby time-to-time. Don’t forget to feed your baby just before leaving. Once the necessary logistics are arranged, half of your battle is over.

Brace yourself up for the new routine: Once you join back office, you have to follow a new routine altogether. There is no chance of you getting up late and reach office late. You have to prepare a routine for yourself as well as for other members in the family. Try to be organized. If you are keeping your baby in a child-care, then do a trial practice of keeping the baby for few hours before joining, instead of keeping the baby for the full day on the day of joining back. If you are planning to store milk in a breast pump, master the art of pumping as this takes time. Similarly, get your baby used to drinking from a bottle.

Start preparing for the next week in the mid-week: The first few days will be very exhausting and hectic for you. Soon, you will get into the routine. It is advisable to start back mid-week, maybe on a Thursday, to prepare yourself for the coming week. This includes errands like doing the laundry, getting important stuffs for home and baby, getting your clothes and baby’s clothes neatly washed and ironed for the next week. This is something that you seriously need to follow so that you can keep yourself free on the weekend and take rest and give yourself time only for the baby.

Return back to work gradually: Once you join back office, try to make it flexible. For this, you need to have a word with your boss. Instead of staying away from the baby the entire day, ask for flexible or part time work hours from your boss. Opt for work-from-home option if possible at least for 2 days in a week. The concept of work-from-home jobs is slowly gaining importance in our country. If the boss is strict and does not allow you to do so, you can rethink and take up a work-from-home job with some other company. For a range of work from home, part time, flexible and remote jobs in India, you can browse jobs on gharsenaukri.com, India’s Largest Work from Home Career Platform for Women

Join mom’s groups: It is always better for new moms to stay connected with other moms, either through known circles or through social media. Get support from young mothers, whether working or non-working. Staying in contact with your female colleagues, especially those who have gone through this phase of your life, is very helpful. Discuss and share your problems and get solutions. And of course, your elderly family members are always there to give you advice. Like for instance, your baby is having a stomach ache and is crying and your pediatrician is not available. Take advice from these support groups. You never know when a “gharelu nushke” or a home remedy from your grandma works for you.

Some advises at work life after maternity leave
  • Don’t take your work too seriously immediately after joining back. Go slow.
  • Don’t take any decisions harshly.
  • Don’t feel bad if someone else has taken your position. The company has to carry on its operations in your absence.
  •  Work with full dedication during the office hours but make it a point to pack up as soon as the office hours are over so that you can spend more time with your baby at home.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Don’t get bogged down by any stupid comments of your co-workers about your appearance, about your coming to office late or going home early.
  • Don’t join office with a guilt frame of mind.

All these will help you getting into the mold of a working mom. Slowly, you will get adjusted to this working life and you will start finding out what balance works best for you. And eventually, you really look forward to Mondays at work after a weekend of quality time with your baby,

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