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A Part Time job is defined as “A form of employment that requires working for fewer hours per week than a full-time job. They work in shifts but remain on call while off duty and during annual leave. The shifts are often rotational.”  It is an accepted norm that a …

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Family Relations

How Do You Know You Are Sexually Harassed in Workplace: Top 9 Signs of Sexual Harassment in Workplaces

Sexual harassment is usually referred as unwelcome sexual advance from the opposite sex. Sexual harassment is very common in workplaces, and one of the prime reasons for a woman to leave her job midway. Usually in a workplace, the perpetrator can be the employer, the boss or fellow colleagues and …

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Career Advice

How can housewives use the platform Shabd.in?

शादी के बाद और विशेष रूप से एक माँ बनने के बाद एक महिला का जीवन बदल जाता है। एक गृहिणी परिवार के प्रत्येक सदस्य में वांछित होने और प्यार करने की भावना उत्पन्न करती है। एक गृहिणी के कारण परिवार के सदस्य बिना किसी परेशानी के अपने करियर में …

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Career Advice


Welcome to the world of ‘Blogosphere’ if you are passionate about writing! Anyone who has the niche to write informative, entertaining content with a unique idea, Blogging shall prove to be a great career option.  And this is wonderful career to work from home if you have a passion for …

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Motivating and Empowering People

Going Entrepreneurial for Women over 50: Tips for Success

You are a 50-plus woman and now you have ample time for yourself as your kids have grown up and can manage on their own. So what do you do? Music, Movies, Friends, Shopping, Reading, Travelling….there are lots in your bucket list, right? Good, it is time for you to …

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How to Update your Profile on GharSeNaukri.com and Increase your Chances of Getting the Right Job?

It is recommended to update your profile on GharSeNaukri.com time-to-time as employers usually connect with those candidates who have recently updated their profiles. While updating, you need to consider the following: Update your dashboard profile on GharSeNaukri.com Update your resume uploaded on GharSeNaukri.com Update your community profile in Women Networking …

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Women Empowerment

Top 5 Flexible Jobs for Women over 50: GharSeNaukri.com Helps in Restarting Career

  For a woman at the age of 50, it is time to enter a new phase of life. You are now in a better living style with more free time. Yes, this is true. Now, your kids have grown up and can manage on their own and so you …

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Jobs for Women

Top 5 Work-from-home Teaching Jobs at GharSeNaukri.com

Are you fond of helping children to learn? Are you fond of teaching? Here are some excellent teaching jobs that could be perfect for you. GharSeNaukri.com is in association with some of the best known educational centers in the market, which are not only known for providing the best learning …

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Building The People, Hiring Candidate

How Can Start-ups Produce Great Workplace Culture? GharSeNaukri.com to Help Employers to Set Up Good Workplace Culture

In a corporate environment of the present day world, it is the workplace culture which can either make the company or break it. The importance of workplace culture becomes all the more important in a start-up company, which requires more output in a short time, and that calls for a …

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Business Opportunity for Women

Transform Your Hobby Into a Business: GharSeNaukri.com Paving the Path towards Women Entrepreneurship

Women are multi-taskers. Right from handling a job to managing a family, women don various roles all throughout the day. But, there are many who prefer to remain indoors and keep themselves busy with their mundane household tasks. There are many who are skilled in creative works, in stitching, knitting, …

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