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Not getting jobs of your choice? Top 4 Mistakes that You Need to Rectify

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You are on a job hunting spree. You have applied for many jobs but still there has been no response. Forget about being called for an interview and then being rejected, you are not even short-listed for the interview. You are applying and still there is no call from the recruiter. Even after putting on so much effort in your job search, there is no return… this is not cool. What can be the reasons for this?

The job market is very competitive. There will be hundreds of other job seekers for the same job profile in an organization. What makes you different from the rest? This USP helps the recruiter to distinguish you from other candidates. It’s no point submitting job application for any job vacancy you see, and then get disappointed. It’s time to change your job search strategy to increase the chances of getting a job that actually suits you.


Here are few mistakes that you might be doing and that you should rectify at the earliest:

Not narrowing your job search

The first major mistake that you might be doing is that you are not narrowing down your job search. Before starting the procedure, take a step back and try to analyze on what you’re really looking for. You should know your goals, what you want in the job, do you want the same type of job or you want to change your career path all together. Some professionals may like to take a break and look for lucrative work-from-home jobs suitable to their profile. Some may look for their first job. Once you get the answers, you can narrow down your search, as now you are in a better understanding of what type of jobs you should target. So, stop applying to as many jobs as possible. Rather, apply to specific jobs as per your interests, your choice of location and even as per your expected salary.

Not networking

Networking is very important in any job search. Perhaps, you are not networking in the correct way. When you actually need a change, you should inform your closed circles. Get connected with professionals whom you have come in contact at your present job or through your friends and colleagues. It is also necessary to have some sort of connection within the industry or company that you are seeking to get into. This provides a direct link between you and the employer. If you want a change of location, then get in touch with your school and college friends and acquaintances residing in that location. Give correct information about yourself and your interests and what jobs you are looking for.

Not using social media for job search

If you are using your social media profile just to give a daily update of what you are eating, which place are you visiting or just for selfies, you are not using media to your advantage. Your social media account can act as a job searching tool, a networking tool. You never know when you find your prospective employer in your contacts or in your friends’ contacts. Infact, nowadays, many employers use social media to get applicants for particular jobs.

Not looking for jobs in small companies

Another major mistake that most job seekers make is that once they gain some experience, they only look for work in big companies. While this is appreciable, it is also advisable to apply in small companies and start-ups. It is to be noted that major companies do not advertise for job vacancies usually. It is done internally. So, while trying to get a job in a big company and ignoring the smaller ones, you actually lose your chances of getting a new job. Job seekers, especially fresh graduates, should consider working in small companies or start-ups as these give employees more opportunities to develop their skills and expertise.  By working at an SME, you get more chances to shoulder greater amount of responsibilities as compared to a larger organization. This, in fact, helps to create an impressive CV for you for more responsible positions later on.

So next time, when you want a job change, stop making these mistakes and make your job search a fruitful one. If you are looking for work-from-home, part-time or flexible jobs, GharSeNaukri.com is your reliable partner.

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