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The Need for Cultural Training in Workplace

The modern workplace comprises individuals from many backgrounds. In order to develop and maintain successful working relationships, it is very essential to instil awareness among employees to know each other’s diversity and culture and how it has shaped them. In today’s workplace environments, especially when you are working in MNCs, cultural diversity training becomes very essential as you are dealing with people not only from different backgrounds from your own country but also from overseas countries.

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Why cultural training is important?

  • Training is the key to helping employees with different backgrounds to respect and understand each other’s differences so that they learn to accommodate and collaborate.
  • Cultural training is necessary in an organisation to ease interpersonal relations among employees, leading to a positive work environment and also achieving job satisfaction for employees.
  • It helps to maintaining a balanced organization in which people of different cultural backgrounds work as a team to achieve their goals and that of the company.
  • It helps to bring about successful business partnerships, including successful business dealings and affiliations in other countries, especially in global organizations.
  • It encourages more recruitment of multilingual employees with different perspectives, problem-solving skills and creativity, which in turn is essential to a company’s organizational structure and growth.
  • It not only increases awareness of workplace diversity, but also enhances skills to help the team to communicate more profoundly in the future.

When a company implements culture training into its workplace, the thumb rule is to create an unbiased, diverse workplace to overall improve the productivity of the organisation and its workforce. In some cases, there is the resistance on the part of certain individuals or groups within the organization to get involved in the training. So this is not an easy task. The main goal of a successful culture training programme is to create a positive work environment in which employees recognise, accept and tolerate differences among co-workers.

How do you go about it?

  • Participation of all employees: One of the most important factors to the success of culture training is the inclusion and participation of all employees in the organisation in the training process. The employees must be clearly communicated about the need to create an appropriate workplace conduct that supports policies, goals and values statements.
  • It must apply to everyone equally: Commitment to diversity must not only be demonstrated by the employees but also by the individuals at the highest levels of the company, right from the CEO to the staff at all levels, in all departments and across all locations.
  • Continuous and on-going training: To ensure that employees fully understand your organisation’s policies and procedures, training and orientation should be provided on a continuous basis so that there are no ambiguities.
  • Learning to communicate: Be soft in criticising someone and speak a very encouraging language while stressing more on positives and less on negatives, instead of being more direct and giving a blunt feedback.
  • Assigning mentors: Assigning mentors makes your job easy. Assign them the responsibility to impart training to workers from different cultures and help them to assimilate into the current work environment.
  • Employee engagement: Last but not the least, time-to-time employee engagement in various activities is critical to organizational success when employees of different cultural backgrounds come closer and participate. This strongly upholds the values and the culture of the organisation in which you are working.

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