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Meet Our Successful Certification Holders!!! GharSeNaukri.com's Success Stories on Online Training

GharSeNaukri.com has always believed that women have a tremendous capability of being a multi-tasker. She dons the perfect role of a mother, a homemaker as well as a corporate professional. At times, due to some circumstances she has to leave her professional career. But, does that mean she should stop working altogether? No not at all. It is never too late to start a second career.

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It is never too late to learn a new skill. GharSeNaukri.com offers effective online training programs in various domains to help our registered members to upgrade or learn new skills to start their career all over again.

Meet our successful certification holders of our online training programs


Mrs. Bhavya Vani from Mumbai: GSN Certified Holder for Freelance Writing

With a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from NMAM Institute of Technology (Nitte) Bangalore, she has more than 5 years of professional experience in software development and IT. She has handled a number of IT projects and has experience in operating and handling various IT software technologies. But, like many other educated women of our country, Bhavya Vani too had to leave her IT job for family obligations. She left her job as a Senior Developer with LogixWork Software Services Pvt Ltd in 2012. While she got busy with her marital life and household chores, her inherent desire to be self-financed and independent was always there.

And, thus, she joined GharSeNaukri.com…

Bhavya Vani joined India’s women-centric job portal GharSeNaukri.com to be able to get jobs of her choice which she can do conveniently from home. Not only that, she also joined GharSeNaukri.com’s  online training programs to upgrade her skills so as to compensate her years of not working and make herself suitable for better job opportunities.

Bhavya Vani has successfully completed her Online Freelance Writing Training offered by GharSeNaukri.com. Today, she is not only an engineer but also a successful writer who can and will be able to handle both IT and writing projects.

Jayanti S from Tamil Nadu : GSN certified holder for Recruitment

Meet Mrs. Jayanti, a Bachelor of Engineering from SCSVMV University, Tamil Nadu. She has more than 5 years of experience in developing varied programming languages. She has worked with reputed organizations like as Cognizant Technology Solutions and American Express. But, like many other educated Indian married women, she also had to leave her job after marriage due to family obligations. She left her job as a Senior System Executive with Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2015. But, she didn’t lose hope inspite of staying  at home and wanted to keep herself updated with latest skills and technology.

And thus became a registered member of GharSeNaukri.com…

Jayanti is also one of the members of GSN community who has also enrolled in GharSeNaukri.com’s online training programs to upgrade her skills so as to compensate her years of not working. Today, she has successful completed Online Recruiting Training program offered by GSN. She is now not only an engineer by profession but also a recruiter who can handle both IT and HR projects.

How can GSN help you?

Besides providing training, GSN will also help the certified holders to connect to recruiters more easily as their certification and previous experiences will be featured to employers’ dashboard with first preference. More and more employers will be able to see their CV and certification, and thereby they will have much better job chances.

Don’t let your education go waste. Learn a new skill.

You can also be one among them. It is never too late to learn something new. Come and join GharSeNaukri.com. Enroll in any online training programs offered by GSN. Learn a new skill or upgrade an existing one. Get jobs of your choice and work as per your convenience.

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