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Make your Diwali Special with these Special Handmade Items made by Women Entrepreneurs from Women in Business

Business Opportunity for Women

Women in Business is India’s online entrepreneurship platform solely designed for the women entrepreneurs of the country or for women who have the passion to do a home-based business with their inherent skill of art and crafts.

With Diwali festival round the corner, it’s that time of the year when everyone is busy sprucing up their homes and buying gifts for near and dear ones. This Diwali, why not make it more special by giving handmade goods to your loved ones?

Explore a whole range of beautifully designed homemade items created dedicatedly by our dear moms and housewives from Women in Business


Candles are one of the most apt items to be given as gifts, especially in a festival like as Diwali. The homemade candles have their unique charm. They are colourful and in beautiful designs. You will find a wide variety of candle designs that can also be used to enhance the look of your rooms. Check out candles in designer glass votive holders The carved candles in multiple colours can heighten the look of any corner space of your living room.  Not to forget our mosaic look multicolour candles

Paintings for Home Decor

There is nothing like adorning the walls of your home with a beautiful hand-painted wall hanging. Women in Business presents before you this creatively designed hand painting of a temple with a beautiful backdrop made by one of our women entrepreneurs, Puja Karn. The elegant design with a subtle colour combination will definitely give your barren wall an enhanced appearance. Puja Karn also has another wall painting to offer to someone who knows the beauty of art. Here we present the painting of a stranded boat with a subtle blue sky backdrop that will give an elegant look to your living room.

Homemade Chocolates

Surprise your friends and family with homemade chocolates. Forget about the branded chocolates this Diwali. There is something special about homemade chocolates in a festive occasion. They are delicious in taste and add a beautiful touch for the occasion. You will find creamy, sweet white chocolates to the richest dark chocolates in various shapes and sizes made by our talented women entrepreneurs. These chocolates are perfect for gift giving.

Handmade soaps

Nowadays, people are fond of natural products. When it comes to beauty-care products, the natural ones are all the more in high demand. So, why not present some beautifully designed handmade soaps to someone very close to you this Diwali? You can find handmade soaps in various colours, scents, shapes and sizes. Perfect for the skin with natural ingredients these are sure to be loved when given as gifts.

Handmade decorative

Last but not the least, Diwali is incomplete without decorative products. Why not give a special look to your home by opting for handmade handicrafts or handmade home decor items for the special festival? Women in Business offers a whole range of handmade decorative products for home decor. Be it the torans or the decorative artificial flowers or the beautifully crafted flower vase, there is indeed a unique beauty in each of these products that can make your room look all the more beautiful and bright.

Come, let us all join to make our women community with creative talent and business acumen prosper in their endeavors!!!

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