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It’s not Work-Life Balance but Work-Life Integration for the New Generation Professionals

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We have been hearing about work-life balance. What is it actually? Work-life balance in literal terms means equal amount of time spent on work and on family life or personal activities. However, in today’s age of the millennial or the over-ambitious gen Y professionals, work-life balance has taken a backseat and is replaced by a new and interesting approach known as “work-life integration”. This new concept gives equal importance to both work and private lives but also aims to handle both simultaneously and successfully. Experts say that work-life integration has great impacts on morale, productivity and performance management.


Meaning of work-life integration

As already mentioned, work-life balance means ‘balancing’ between your work and your private life, such that once your work hours are over, you would not allow office work to follow your personal life. But, in reality, this is difficult to achieve as with the growing virtual world, you invariably carry your work home. Thus, emerges the concept of work-life integration. This new concept implies how we can prioritize and integrate both.

With the development of technology and our growing dependence on our smartphones and other devices, there is the need for creating a strict demarcation between your home and work life. It is also seen that even during holidays or any social events or family occasions, work-related duties spill over into our personal lives. So, instead of separating between the two, it is time to integrate the two. That is to unify our personal and work life in such a way that these two do not compete but complement with each other, giving equal time and attention to all aspects of your life, without sacrificing one for the other.

Benefits of work-life integration

  • It is a more realistic approach. It is possible to prioritize and do your tasks accordingly. You can manage your tasks as per your needs
  • Combining official work with your personal life can make your day more interesting and less monotonous.
  • For working parents, work-life integration is of great help. Instead of giving up a job or career by one of the partners (usually it’s the woman of the house) to look after the children, this approach brings about a more productive output where both the parents can work as per convenience and at the same time give attention to the family.
  • Work-life integration helps both employees and employers. There are higher levels of work satisfaction and employee engagement. It transfers the workplace concept from “what do I need to get done today” (which means “balance”) to “how do I help someone today?” (which means integration).

It’s Time for HR to bring about Work-Life Integration

Today, the HR departments in International countries are buzzing around “work-life integration” so as to help employees to bring their home life into work and their work into the home. This is something that employers in India should give importance too. When more and more employers in India join hands with the idea of integrating work-life, India will be able to reduce its gender gap in workforce.

GharSeNaurkri.com offers this unique platform for employers of different industry domains to join and offer flexible job opportunities to women employees or returning women professionals so that they do not have to give up their career, so that they can work without sacrificing their family responsibilities. It’s time for HR to bring about “Work-life integration” in all organizations in India.

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