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India is in transmission form….economy is not struggling, business models are changing

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India is in transmission form….economy is not struggling, business models are changing

There have been massive shifts in the job market nowadays. More new jobs are coming up, the traditional mode of working has changed, more focus on flexible work models and so on. The status of employment has changed over the years. People are more concerned about a steady income not necessarily in a full-time job but can also be in part-time jobs, remote jobs or freelance jobs. In fact for women, this is, in fact, a positive sign. Its time for qualified women, women with skills to join the bandwagon of the gig economy concept in India.

To better your chances in the flexible job market, keep in mind these pointers.

It is necessary to understand that there are ways in which women can be prepared to accommodate the changing job market:

You should know what will work for you. Do your groundwork thoroughly. Research and find out what will work for you in the changing market. As more and more job roles become redundant, and more and more new job roles come in the market, the skills you acquired earlier may not work in your favor at all. This means that you might have to set yourself up for a complete makeover or a complete change in what you are presently doing.

Time to learn a new skill. As the requirements of the market change, so does the value of your skill and knowledge. Don’t just stick to what you have done till now or what you have learned in the past. Make time to invest in a new skill and acquire knowledge in a domain which you feel can work for you and that has a scope of future growth.

Choose the right industry. It is important that you know where and what to look for and where to apply your skills. For instance, at present, there is the e-commerce sectors, the technology sector, ITES sector, online education sectors, finance and banking which are booming. All these sectors have opened up new roles for professionals.

Don’t hesitate to join a start-up. India has seen a huge growth of start-ups in recent time. Most young and senior professionals are giving up their jobs to start their own business. Needless to say, these have opened up job opportunities too. So, do not ignore a start-up because it is new. There is a great scope to learn and grow in start-ups.

India is in a transmission form….

Planning your career in the changing job scenario with the help of GharSeNaukri.com

Gone are the days in which women had to give up their career to look after the family. It is time for women to think about themselves first to take care of the family. What better way is to work and earn at the comforts of your home? Its not the quantity of hours but the quality of work that counts. GharSeNaukri.com is one such platform where the concept of the gig economy has been encouraged, initiated and implemented. It acts as the platform for job creation for women which they can do conveniently from home. There is no need to sacrifice your family responsibilities in order to pursue a career with a guilt frame of mind. There is no need to sacrifice your career to manage household responsibilities. You can do both, thanks to gharsenaukri.com.

Yes, it true, India is in transmission form….economy is not struggling, business models are changing. So working from home for a successful career is a real fact now….

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