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HR as a Business Partner: Is it Necessary? GharSeNaukri.com as Your HR Business Partner

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, when we talk about “business partner” for an organisation, we consider a wide number of jobs ranging from administrative to consultancy to HR and other jobs. Having an HR business partner is very essential to work close with other business leaders, which in turn can help for the betterment of the organisation’s people with proper strategies and implementation policies. The role of HR as the business partner is more important as it adds value to the organisation.

Who is an HR Business Partner?

The term ‘HR business partner’ was coined by management guru David Ulrich in 1996. According to him, HR partner must take up more strategic roles to implement plans and programmes that support the goals of the business. Human resource is a multifaceted and complex area that requires professionals that can shift priorities and cope up with a number of tasks from the simple to tedious to the strategic tasks. The HR Business Partner role was introduced as a strategic partner and account manager for HR Services. Successful business partners play an important role to shape, steer and advice on HR issues. They can apply their expertise to effectively support managers with the daily HR activities.

   role of hrbp

Qualities of a good HR business partner

  • Understand both the business as well as the management team.
  • Understand the business goals.
  • Understand how the dynamics of the business change when there is a change in one department or how such change affects other areas.
  • Know how to analyse the merits and demerits of the business compared to the competition.
  • Know to apply the best tools and technology to recruit and retain talent in the organisation.
  • Have skills to make business more competitive.
  • Focus on controlling costs and adds value to the business.

HR business partners: Do we need them?

To many employers, having a HR business partner is not necessary as they feel that the role of an HR is limited to only identifying, hiring, recruiting, retaining, and consultation and nothing beyond that. But this is actually a myth. In reality, the HR partner has a key role to play in the modern HR management for the success of any organisation. While some may consider the HR business partner as only a consultant but in reality his role includes more than consultancy. HR business partners work as coaches, advisors and experts all throughout the year depending on the situations that arise in project and service management. Some feel that the HR business partner’s strategic role is more important than the operational role. But in reality, both strategic and operational roles are important and both the roles are interdependent.

So in the real world, it is absolutely very essential to have a HR business partner who shares the responsibility for the goals and target delivery of the organisation. The modern HR Model cannot exist without an HR partner.

GharSeNaukri.com: A Partner for your HR Needs

We provide the best employment solutions to employers in:

  • Executive Search & Selection
  • Middle Management Hiring
  • Project Based Hiring
  • Returning professionals
  • Outsourcing
  • Recruiting the dream candidate
  • Building a team
  • Organizing employees

Let us be your partner to offer you the best and innovative HR solutions to expand your business.

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