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How to Manage your Time when you Work From Home? Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips
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Time management is actually a skill, and it is not something that you can adopt immediately, rather it needs practice.  For a mom who works from home, it might be very difficult to manage time as she has to manage both her work front and home front, but this is one essential skill that is required to be successful in work from home jobs.

Time Management Tips

Follow these tips for an efficient time management in your work-from-home job:

Set a Schedule

Set a schedule for your job. This is one of the basic starting steps in time management. Set your work hours in advance. This will help you and your family members know when you will be working. Then, make a task list to be fulfilled in a day. For moms with new-born babies, the best time to work from home is during the naptime of the baby. For moms with school-going children, the best time to work is the time when the children are in school. However, nap schedules change for a baby and this is something that you have to keep in mind while you work.

Multitasking is necessary but do it  appropriately

It’s a known fact that moms are multitaskers. Time management for moms is actually a multitasking job. However, you should know how to multitask appropriately. It should not be such that you take up half-a-dozen works and fail to complete it. This means that when you take up work from home job, try to work on a project that you can complete on time. At the same time, do not try to complete household tasks all at one go. Maybe you can keep laundry works for two days a week or grocery shopping for one day and so on. Knowing how to multitask is the way to achieving a better balance in your work and home life.

 Try to maintain a routine life but be flexible too

Routines help in a smooth transition of your daily life. Getting an effective routine is an important step in starting the day right for everyone in the family.  This includes a fixed time for getting up, having meals, helping kids with studies, going out for health regimes, going off to sleep on time at night, and so on. When each and every member of the family gets attached to routines, it becomes easy for you to handle your work. But, be flexible, especially when there is a need.

Set a dedicated workspace

No matter what type of work you do from your home, make a dedicated workspace for your work. Always, keep your workspace tidy. Make sure that when you work, there is no disturbance. This ensures that you can get your work completed on time.

Set a screen time for yourself

It’s the Internet, Smartphones, computers, which are helping us to get work from home jobs. But these tools can actually hinder our time management efforts. So, make sure you don’t use these tools excessively. For instance, when you do your office work, don’t get tempted to check your FB profile or WhatsApp messages in between. This actually wastes your time. Also, do not spend much time in telephonic conversations when you are in the midst of your office work. Rather, you can keep your phone on the silent mode and answer when you are free.

Stay motivated

And lastly, for work from home moms, stay motivated in what you do. Remember why you do it. Concentrate on the good things a work from home job brings to your life. If for some reason, your time management is getting haywire, don’t worry. Relax and set yourself a new schedule. If a particular schedule does not work for you, you can definitely opt for a different schedule.  Time management skills also require you to stay inspired and motivated.


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