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From a Corporate professional to a Work from Home Professional – My Experience

WFH - A reality - My Experience
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Year 2014

A content management professional with a leading media company – Times Internet Ltd…brand, position, money, job satisfaction…what else you require?

Then there was this buzz going on – the department in which I was working was not performing as per standards and any time it would shut –  that means what??? Layoffs or transfers???

Was transferred to another department – far away from home – everyday travel 1-1/2 hours up and down by Metro…this was not what I was looking for. To be very frank, never wanted to compromise my family and time for my career. With deep thoughts in my mind –  I took a drastic decision – I left my full-time corporate job.

12 years of corporate experience –  next what?

The first few months after I left my job, it was heavenly… relaxed…no work rush in the morning, spending quality time with kids, complete peace, and lots of “Me” time…

Slowly the reality dawned

Reality dawned in – you are not earning, you are wasting your qualification and experience, plus you are idling away your time.

I have had already a taste of the corporate world, with  12 years of experience in the Internet service and publishing industry. Prior to Times Group, I was associated with India’s number one B2b marketplace IndiaMart.com, and before that with Thomson Digital (Living Media Group). I had done my post-graduation in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University.

But…now I am just a homemaker….not that there is anything wrong in being a homemaker….but I wanted to work and earn in a comfortable way. I really didn’t want to waste my experience. And of course, I was missing that lump sum amount that I used to get every month. For a woman, irrespective of what your husband does, financial independence is very essential.

Mother of two grown-up kids (now they are in their teens), with my husband staying out of the town most of the time, I felt that now is the time for me to utilize it in such a way that I work as well as meet my family requirements, fulfill my personal obligations and life responsibilities appropriately and conveniently.

So, I started exploring work from home options. I felt that working from home would help me to explore other opportunities as well. Thus, started my new phase of job hunting – for freelancing, part-time jobs…

Got some freelancing projects through friends and ex-colleagues. Got associated with start-ups for their content. Money was less and freelancing was not regular. At times, I thought I should get back to a full-time job. But again, at 40 plus of age, the very fact of facing the interview board again and slogging in a 9-to-5 job didn’t appeal to me.


In 2017, I got my first major break as a work from home professional. Came across this portal gharsenaukri.com, registered with my resume with the intention of getting some good projects. Little did I know that I will be asked to join the organization as a full-time employee with occasional visits to the office, which means that I need to work from home. I joined as the Digital & Content Marketing Head of the organization, and its been 2 and 1/2 years now –  I am actually a full-time WFH professional, enjoying every bit of my second phase of career now…


  • I work on my own, as per my convenience but without procrastinating my work.
  • I give time to my kids and family and manage all household obligations as well.
  • I have time for myself as I don’t have to waste time in commuting.
  • I feel I have been able to maintain a “work-life” balance, the most essential requirement in a professional’s life in today’s age of stress and competition.


  • Well, when you work from home, especially for women, the society does not consider you as a “working woman“. The reason being, people still do not believe that work from home exists. Of course, if a man works from home, the perception is different. Oh, he is a freelance consultant. He works from home. For man, work is work, whether from home or from office. For a woman, this is not taken seriously. Anyways, this will continue so long the mind frame of the society does not change.
  • Even today, there are many from my known circles who think that I am not working…but it’s ok. You are not working for them, you are working for yourself.
  • Initially, your income is less as it is obvious that your pay scale will not be similar to a regular employee. But, then, there are many ways you save your money too by working from home and thus, it compensates your earnings.

WFH works –  if it’s allowed to…

What I want to say through this article is that with Covid19 crisis, work from home has become a reality. From a senior management professional to an executive-level position, everyone is working from home at the present time. Granted that not all jobs allow WFH, but Covid19 has definitely provided that push for employers to accept and allow flexible work options (post-covid-lockdown).

Studies have shown that in the Western countries, particularly the US, where half of the population works from home for at least 1 or 2 days per week, WFH employees utilize work time better, are far less distracted, take shorter breaks and take less time off, unlike regular office goers who tend to or might waste time and mindspace.

Covid lesson –  time to love and adopt WFH

The last few days have made it clear that WFH is possible. Its time now that employers in India should unite and think about WFH on a serious note post lockdown. Some serious WFH beta testing needs to be done. As employers, you are definitely not going to lose anything –  rather you can save money on your office space and infrastructure.

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