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Education Counselor or Psychologist: One of the Most Lucrative Flexible Job Options for Women

A graduate degree in Psychology opens up several interesting opportunities for a candidate. One among them is the role of an educational psychologist. A job career as an education counselor, an education psychologist or a career counselor has become a very prospective job in recent time.

Role of a Psychologist
The role of a psychologist is to study the emotional, behavioral, psychological or organizational issues of an individual, to identify any problems associated with these, and then to suggest a treatment for it. Basically, in common terminology, a professional psychologist evaluates, diagnoses, and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. A psychologist can be a clinical psychologist, health psychologist, neuropsychologists, developmental psychologists, forensic psychologists, education psychologists or education counselors.

Role of an Education Psychologist
The role of an educational psychologist is to help students reduce or get rid of physical, mental, emotional and social difficulties that prevent them from getting involved in academic and non-academic activities at school. Another profile is that of a career counselor where school or college students are analyzed on the basis of their skills, aptitude, personality, interests, intelligence level and associated socio-economic factors, and then are suggested the appropriate career choices for them. An educational psychologist can also help individuals to deal with job related stress and problems during their working life.
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Qualifications required

  • You need to be a graduate degree holder in psychology to start a career as a psychologist.
  • A post-graduate degree and a specialization at the doctoral level are added advantages.

Flexible or Part Time Job as an Education Psychologist
For women, this has become of the most lucrative flexible job options. The opportunities can vary from full-time, part-time, short-term, freelance, weekends, flexible timing and contract work. The choice is entirely yours. Here, a professional education counsellor can opt for various options:

  • Teach psychology in school and college in part-time hours
  • Part-time tuitions from home to help students in their psychology courses
  • Can be a freelance writer or editor of psychology related articles
  • Access psychometric assessments of students of various schools in flexible timing or from home
  • Visit schools or colleges in flexible hours for career counselling
  • Arrange for online counselling sessions at home

This is a dignified position, where you get a chance to earn quite a lot even when you work from home or in part-time hours. It’s time now to maintain a proper work-life balance.
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