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The Growing Concept of Gig Economy in India: How Can GharSeNaukri.com Help You?

 According to a recent study by McKinsey, about 20-30% of the workforce in developed countries’ job markets is engaged in independent work. Another study revealed that during the period from 2005 to 2015, the proportion of American workers involved in “alternative work” or “independent work” showed an increase from 10% …

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Top 5 Reasons to be a Travel Consultant: Work, Earn and Have Fun at the Comforts of your Home

When we talk about a travel consultant, it means the job role of a person who provides information, advice and booking services for people who are planning a holiday for any purpose. Travel consultants or better known as Holiday Consultants, Holiday Experts or Advisers are responsible for helping people organize …

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What Exactly is the Role of a Holiday Consultant?

    A holiday consultant is one who coordinates and books travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses. While there are many who use the Internet to make their own travel arrangements, there are still many people who take the help of holiday consultants to advise them on their trips …

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As an employer or a human resource manager, you will prefer workers who have the desired expertise, are dedicated and can be full time workers. Hiring someone as a freelancer might not be a very acceptable proposition, but engaging freelancers has a lot of benefits. To define a freelancer – …

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GharSeNaukri is helping companies become more productive and profitable

In India many women never get the opportunity to get work, simply because of social constraints. But, over the years thanks to women empowerment portal like GharSeNaukri women have found it easy to be employed by companies because the work is  done from home. Many studies have proven that working from …

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Connecting with GharSeNaukri.com ( Free Portal for Employers to Connect and Engage Women Community)

GharSeNaukri (GSN) is a unique platform to connect “Eminent Employers” like you and “Talented & Skilled Women Workforce” thereby creating a win-win business value proposition. Our watchword to Corporate is “HELPING EMPLOYERS TO ACHIEVE NEXT LEVEL”. Our journey started with the realisation that there exists a significant segment of women …

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Women are Filling Void in Job Market and in return companies are getting higher productivity

Many businesses are looking to set up home based job opportunities and GharSeNaukri is helping companies and women in a big way. After a lot of research it has been concluded employees who are able to work from home are proving to be more productive and this is applies more …

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GharSeNaukri a Catalyst for Job Opportunity & Domestic Stability

Before opting for a job opportunity, women are likely to consider a few significant aspects of an offered employment with respect to family responsibilities and domestic stability. Common questions that pop up in a woman’s mind before applying for an employment are: