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A Part Time job is defined as “A form of employment that requires working for fewer hours per week than a full-time job. They work in shifts but remain on call while off duty and during annual leave. The shifts are often rotational.”  It is an accepted norm that a …

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5 Top HR Technology Trends in Recent Times: How GSN Adopting New HR Technology?

The HR technology of modern-day organisations has evolved over the years with more focus on employee productivity and engagement. This scenario in most organisations reflects the employee-focused attention of HR technology. HR technology providers today are more involved in designing applications for employees first. The objective is to help the …

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Nurturing the Talent of Workplace: Why is Nurturing Talent Important and How to Nurture Talent?

We are all born with certain skills, abilities and talents that can be shaped, nurtured and encouraged to achieve our individual goals and be successful in our endeavours. While home environment, family and coaching all play a major role in achieving success for any individual, in professional aspects also, to …

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HRs Should Become Innovative Leaders: It’s time to Redefine HR with the Help of GharSeNaukri.com

There are many organisations in the global world which feel that their HR department is too expensive and it isn’t delivering enough business value. Plus, many feel that many HR employees do not have enough skills in consulting, analytics, business, technology, change management, or in other technical and management areas. …

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Explore and Be a Master in Hindi Writing Skills at Shabdnagari

It’s time to explore and master Hindi Writing Skills in the virtual world. The most commonly spoken language of the country has found a tremendous increase in its readership via the virtual world of blogs, e-magazines and portals. And ofcourse, users are using popular social media sites for giving free …

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Calling Mumbai Women for Excellent Work from Home Opportunities at Avanse Financial Services in Association with GharSeNaukri.com

GharSeNaukri.com empowers women with various “Work from Home” Opportunities where they pitch in their expertise and skills on job opportunities and build a pro-active community networking along with improving family life by maintaining the perfect balance. It is to be noted that GSN is the only company in the country …

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Meet Our Successful Certification Holders!!! GharSeNaukri.com's Success Stories on Online Training

GharSeNaukri.com has always believed that women have a tremendous capability of being a multi-tasker. She dons the perfect role of a mother, a homemaker as well as a corporate professional. At times, due to some circumstances she has to leave her professional career. But, does that mean she should stop …

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10 Popular Recruiting Trends of Past Years to Define Employers’ Recruiting Strategies for 2018

According to two different survey reports undertaken by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Glassdoor recently, the following recruiting stats were revealed. These recruiting stats were compiled after taking a survey of employees of different organisations spread all across the globe over a period of the last few years. …

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How About Working from Home to Employ Someone to Work from Home? Wonderful Work from Home Job Opportunity as Home-Based Recruiter

How about working from home as a recruiter? A wonderful work opportunity awaits for you to work from home as a home-based recruiter. This is one of the most exciting and popular job opportunities for women to work from home. Who is a Home-Based Recruiter?

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10 Important Tips to Build a High Performing Team

To build any type of business that can thrive and be successful in the long run, we need to rely on lot many people, which comprises the partners, vendors, employees, volunteers, and customers. In other words, it is a team which builds a company and it is a high-performing team …