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Career Gap? Here is what you have to do on your resume to explain your career gap

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A gap in career is very common in many professionals’ lives. The career gap can be for many reasons –  health issues, sabbatical, pregnancy, childcare, higher studies, job stress, not happy with your job etc. for which you take a break on your own terms and on your own will. However, sometimes you are bound to take a career gap due to job loss.

When there is a gap between jobs, and you seek to return to the workforce, the whole process of job hunt starts afresh. While there are chances of you going back to your previous job if you are interested or your employer wants you to join back, yet, many of you may try for new jobs. Here, you need to work on your resume as most employers do not prefer to see a career gap. So, what do you do?

Here is How you Explain a Gap Year on Your Resume

It becomes difficult to explain your career gap on your resume.  It won’t necessarily fit into the “experience” and “qualification” sections. Either you have gained a lot of experience and knowledge during your time away from the workforce or you have not. Here are some key tips on how to mention your career gap on your resume.

Make a Non-Chronological Resume
Instead of creating a chronological resume in which you list your most recent experience first,(which is a common style of resume but not necessarily the only option), you can create a functional resume, without mentioning the years but highlighting your skills and experience. A functional resume is good when actually you don’t have anything worthwhile to mention during your gap. Maybe you had taken a recreational break or due to personal family circumstances, which you don’t want to discuss in details.

Experts suggest to mention gap year under the experience section on your resume
If you had worked in any kind of jobs during your gap year like as teaching, volunteering or part time jobs, you need to mention this on your resume. This is a valuable experience, which needs to be mentioned in the “experience” section of your resume, just like your previous experiences. And it is advisable to write up a description of your gap year experience, keeping a note of the job posting.

Include a Breakout Section on Your Resume for mentioning gap year
If during your gap year, you have gained experience in some skills which is not similar to your previous work experience, then it is better to mention it in a different section. You might call this section “Additional Activities & Experience.”

Add Skills to Your Resume

You should include all additional skills in the write-up of your gap year experience as well as in the skills section of your resume.


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