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Become a Better Content Writer – Hacks to Improve

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So you have decided to become a content writer or you are already a content writer. You have taken up the content writing job because you have a flair for writing and good in your English. But, do you think just by having a flair and passion for writing and with your good English writing skills, you can be a good content writer? Not necessarily so….like in all jobs, where there is a scope of improvement, content writing jobs too have a great scope of improvement in terms of better English, vocabulary, creativity and something unique so as to cater to your visitors, who are your end customers.


Here is a quick guide to improve your writing skills, to become a better content writer

  • Know your audience: First of all, know your target audience, for whom you are writing. If you are writing for an e-commerce portal, you should know exactly what to write for product descriptions and what makes your description different from the rest. Your focus is to appeal the customers. Know to write your content for a specialized audience (travel enthusiast, food or fashion enthusiasts or job aspirant etc.)
  • SEO writing: If you are writing to promote a business, a product or a service, you should have knowledge on using appropriate keywords so as to highlight on what you are writing. Using keywords has its own style as you cannot cram content with too many keywords and neither you can use less. This is basically SEO writing, not the cup of tea for all writers. So, here along with basic writing, you should gather skills on SEO writing too.
  • Know your topic and research well: Not necessarily, you know everything under the sun. But, with the Internet, all information is available to you. Be sure to understand your topic well before writing about it. This means that you should have the ability to research and dig information from the Net and frame it in your own style of writing.
  • Read and read: One basic rule for improving your writing skills is to read and read and read….anything…books, online websites, news, stories, articles, blogs and so on. A regular habit of reading will help you to analyze what is good content and what makes it good. And accordingly try to incorporate good content in your writings.
  • Get feedback: Make your known circles read your content and ask for feedback. Make changes in your content as per suggestions offered. Be open to criticisms. If you want to improve, you should be able to handle both criticisms and appreciation.

Some common guidelines

  • Use a catchy headline or title
  • Use proper text formatting
  • Create smooth transitions in your content.
  • Dont forget your basic grammar
  • Edit

It is rightly said, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Work on self-improvement and there is no end to it. Put in your efforts and you will see how you have progressed.

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