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Advantages of Employer Branding for Start-Ups: GharSeNaukri.com and Employer Branding

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Have you ever wondered why some companies are always the most sought after companies for employees to work with, while some others are not? Do you think it’s only the pay package that counts? No, besides the salary there are many other aspects to consider like as good working environment, secured jobs, health insurance, relaxing zones, flexible work options, safety and so on. That is why, it’s a dream for many professionals to work in these organizations for a complete job satisfaction and work-life balance.

  • There are companies which can attract and retain top talent.
  • There are companies which can reduce cost of hiring
  • There are companies which can also increase employee productivity

How this is possible? All this is possible with Employer Branding

Employer Branding: What it is?

Employer branding is a process to create a brand identity of the company. It is the corporate image perceived by the stakeholders, right from clients, customers to employees. It is very essential for all employers to create a brand that is identified by all…something that makes the company or the employer better than the others. There are many factors to consider, such as the way the employees are treated, how business operations take place, what benefits are provided to the employees and so on. All of these ultimately create an image on how your business is seen by others. And this is Employer Branding.

What advantages employer branding can provide you as an employer?

Employer branding sells not only your products, service but also your workplace culture, goals and objectives to potential and existing employees. It becomes a way of attracting and retaining the right people to create a more productive workforce ensuring long term success. Some of the advantages of employer branding for start-ups are:

  • It helps your organization or you as an employer to stand out. While top brands like Google, Accenture, Infosys etc. have already been in the top leagues, the problem lies with the small and medium businesses and start-ups. Such organizations require a strong employer brand because here it’s a challenge to recruit and retain employees.
  • You can attract and retain the perfect candidates that meet your goals if you have a consistent employer brand. It helps help you identify, attract and retain the right people.
  • Maybe as a start-up, you do not have enough salaries, perks or benefits to give to your employees. But you have a great brand that helps you to stand out and make employees to work with you and make you an employer of choice.
  • A prominent employer brand can streamline your recruitment process. You are clear with your organization’s goals, values, and culture, you can short list applications from candidates who “fit”.
  • Great employees seek out great brands and not randomly apply to any random job postings. By building a great employer brand, you can inspire good employees to seek you out. In other words, you can attract top talent.

GharSeNaukri.com and Employer Branding

GharSeNaukri.com is able to offer employers with an Employer Branding Platform, where employers with our like-minded goals and objectives join us. We are concerned about women empowerment and women financial independence. We are a career portal for women to take up work from home jobs or part time/flexible jobs as per their convenience. At the same, we want employers who believe in women empowerment and flexible work models to be a part of our endeavor.

With this comprehensive online platform, employers can create their own personalized company profiles, which they can use to show off their company culture and brand. GharSeNaukri.com has one of the largest women talent database which employers can make use of and promote their company profiles and brand to their target audience of job seekers.

You can also check out our employers page for more details on employer branding.


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