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Your Smartphone can help you to earn money from home: GharSeNaukri.com for Smartphone Jobs

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Digitalization has changed the world scenario in every aspect. Your smartphone has become an essential part of your life without which your life seems to be stagnant. Do you know your smartphone with a strong Internet connection can be an important source of income for you? Especially for our women who stay at home, there are many opportunities to earn money from your mobile online. Yes, it is possible today to make money from your phone. Read on to know more…..

Different ways of earning money through your smartphone

Relationship Manager Work From Home- Loans SmartRupee

This is an excellent work from home opportunity for our women at home who can spare some time out of their busy schedule. All they require is a smartphone and the company will provide the list of individual names and phone numbers. This is the position of a relationship manager where the candidate has to acquire customers by giving a call to them to advice on loans and other products and financial advices and avail loans offered by Smartrupee.com. More the number of leads they can get, more is their incentives. Lucrative Incentives for generating lead. Become a Relationship Manager just by using your phone and work as per your convenience.

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Be a Relationship Manager and Work from Home: Associate with SmartRupee.com and GharSeNaukri.com

Home-Based Recruiter

Again your smartphone can be your partner for another lucrative work from home opportunity. Be a home-based recruiter. There are many HR companies who look for women to join them as tele-recruiters. All trainings  are provided by the company. You need your smart phone. The company provides you a list of candidates’ names. You call them, explain to them the job description and schedule the interview dates for them. This is also incentive based work. The more the number of leads or candidates you can get for a job, the more is your chances of earning. For this profile too, you just need few hours of your day with a smartphone ofcourse. Check the job details here Avenue Growth Hiring Freelancer/Part Time/Work From Home Women

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How About Working from Home to Employ Someone to Work from Home? Wonderful Work from Home Job Opportunity as Home-Based Recruiter

Travel Consultant Jobs

Your smartphone can also help you to become a travel consultant from home. Many travel companies look for women for part-time travel consultant jobs. Here, the candidate has to give calls to prospective clients, advise on travel plans, book travel packages for individuals and businesses and earn a commission in return. A lucrative opportunity to work from home using your SmartPhone.

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