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Yoga, a Popular Flexible Job Option for Women: Work Part time, Earn and Stay Healthy

Yoga, a Popular Flexible Job Option for Women: Work Part time, Earn and Stay Healthy
The idea of teaching yoga part-time is indeed a lucrative job option, especially for women who look for flexible job options. In today’s age of stress, competition and unhealthy lifestyle, opting for alternate health remedies and stressing on a lifestyle of spirituality and mental peace is very necessary. Yoga is the upcoming trend followed by men and women of all age groups. Needless to say, there has been an increasing demand for yoga experts, yoga trainers or yoga teachers. To be a yoga teacher is indeed one of the most popular job options for women as this is a job which can be done in part-time hours at their own homes or remote locations as per the requirement.
How do you start?
A yoga teacher needs to be well-versed and proficient in yoga so that she is capable to impart its knowledge to beginners in this field. If you really want to be a yoga teacher, it is important to learn the practice from a reliable and trusted yoga school or yoga teacher. After obtaining a certificate or degree in yoga, an aspiring yoga teacher should be able to venture into teaching. You can be a yoga teacher even if you do not attend any formal school of training. Infact, many women take up yoga for their own health benefits and soon get so involved with it that they prefer to get trained in a proper way so as to train others. Once you spend some years practicing the discipline and attain higher levels of knowledge, you can start working as a yoga teacher.
Where do you work?
Yoga trainers are recruited in Hotels & Resorts, Retreats, Workshops, Residential societies, Government & Private Schools, Yoga and Naturopathy colleges or institutions, Gyms, Health & Wellness centers, Corporate Sectors etc. Not only that, you can opt for personal one-on-one classes. You can also start your own business by setting up a yoga center at your own place. So, there is no dearth of opportunities for working as yoga teachers. Options available for yoga teachers are many.
Yoga teaching: One of the best flexible job options for women
The best way is to start teaching part time. You work as per your convenience in the time that suits you. Personal one-on-one classes can be conducted as per your convenience. For other places too, there is hardly any need for full-time yoga experts. It just requires few hours of your time. That is why yoga has become a favorable job option for women. Once you start doing it and enjoying it, you will wonder how you make the time for something you love. You never know when you start loving it so much that the other things in your life will automatically change to accommodate your new passion.
What are some good reasons to teach yoga part time?

  • Finance: Of course, you are not doing it for free. You earn when you are teaching yoga part time. You will have more stability in your finances.
  • You gain experience: Teaching yoga part time help you to gain more experience before you choose to start your own business of setting yoga centers of your own.
  • Health: One of the practical considerations when teaching yoga to others is that you get a chance to maintain your own health in a proper way.
  • Mental peace: While imparting knowledge to others on spirituality and mental peace through yoga, you yourself get benefitted in a positive way which helps you to get rid of negativity and frustrations in life.
  • A perfect balance of life: Last but not the least, you get a chance to maintain a perfect balance of life. As you work part time, you can give time to your family too, along with earning money.

How about travelling while being a yoga teacher?
This is a wonderful remote job opportunity for yoga teachers who love travelling and teaching. Karmic Routes in association with GharSeNaukri.com is looking for female yoga experts who can accompany foreign tourists and impart them yoga training in whichever spiritual destinations they visit. It is seen in India, many foreigners come not for tourism purpose but for spiritual purpose. Karmic Routes offers custom made tours and packages for tourists to experience the ultimate soul-quenching peace at various ashrams and pilgrimage centers located in our country. While a foreigner pays a visit to these places to discover divine spirituality, he or she will also be provided with yoga experts who will travel with them and teach them yoga in these places.
So, if you are interested to be part of this exciting job opportunity, then please do get in touch with us at hr@gharsenaukri.com
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