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Working Moms Try These 10 Simple Ways to Make Way for a Blissful Married Life


Marriage is full-time job for both men and women, where there is the need for patience, understanding, and compromises from both. But usually, it’s the women who have to bear the brunt of being a working woman. Not only she has the responsibility of looking after the family and the kids, she also has her responsibilities of managing her office work. The end result is that while she tries to manage and balance her home, kids and work, and to a great extent, she is successful in that, she realizes that her relationship with her husband takes a backseat. For working moms, keeping a healthy partnership becomes a challenge with so many obligations, responsibilities and less time. But, there are few ways by which you can get most out of your marital life together.

Check out below some interesting things that every working mom can do to improve her marriage

  1. First of all….avoid arguments. After a hard day’s work, obviously you won’t like to get into heated arguments with your partner. If you feel that a particular discussion can heat up very soon, press the pause button. Leave the room immediately and go into your kids’ room or ignore the matter at that moment. I know, this is tough but it’s worth trying. Maybe you can discuss with him later with a cool mind.
  2. Send messages. You mobile phone is always ON. You keep on checking your WhatsApp message time-to-time. Why not send flirty texts or romantic messages to him while you are at work?  Ofcourse, don’t send too many messages every single day so that it starts irritating him. Send messages once or twice in a week. I am sure, this will pep him up a bit. A loving message asking him whether he had his lunch or how was his meeting at office will definitely add some excitement to your work day as well as his. Let him know you love him and care for him.
  3. Choose a common TV program: Your kitchen duties are over, the kids are studying. You are free now. Make it a point to watch a TV show together once you are back home. Marriage counselors always advice this because it has been found that couples who watch TV together are happier and more committed.
  4. Some romantic moments at bed time: I know a working mom is dead tired after coming back from office. Plus, she has to look after her household duties too at home. So, the moment the dinner is over, the kitchen is set, the kids are off to bed, her favorite company is her bed. But hello….don’t doze off to sleep immediately. Indulge in a little cuddling and giggling together and spend some “WE” time together.
  5. Some intimate moments too:  It’s necessary to get intimate too. Couples who have sex almost regularly have better, stronger, longer-lasting relationships. And it has other benefits too. It helps to reduce depression, reduce stress as well.
  6. Do some work together: Maybe you can choose a Sunday to do a home project together. You can involve your kids too. Maybe you can cook, do gardening, help your kids do their school project or any other household errand. As your separate working lives take more of your time and attention, this is a way, by which you can connect.
  7. Surprise your partner: Try little surprise gifts not only on his birthday. Go out for spontaneous lunch dates during office hours, plan a fun weekend nearby…all these surprises will make your relationship more interesting for you as well.
  8. Say “I love you”. This becomes very necessary for a blissful married life. Make it a point to say “I love you” to your husband every night. Make him feel that he is loved and cared for. It won’t always be easy, but ofcourse you will both sleep better. Those three simple words are actually the magical words that can solve half of your problems.
  9. Take time to talk and discuss. As both of you are working, there is less time to communicate. But, try to spare some time to talk and discuss about work-related issues, other trials and tribulations that you are facing, or for any support or advice that you want from your husband and so on. This gives him a sense of him being important in your life.
  10. Listen. This is also very important in a healthy relationship. For working moms, it is very easy to let their minds drift to something different when the partner is discussing something. But don’t. Listening to him makes him feel valued and loved.

Remember, being unhappy with your marriage is very normal. This is one thing that every married couple feel in their married life once in a while. But, accept the fact that marriage is less than perfect, and it is you and your partner who have to figure a way out to be blissful and contented. And if you as a working mom, takes the first step, there is nothing wrong. Try it….it works.

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