Working home-bound


When you’re a stay-at-home mom, you’ve got a full-time job. In fact, most stay-at-home moms have several full-time jobs including cook, chauffeur, maid, teacher, nurse and more.

So what’s a mom to do? You’ve got a more flexible schedule, but your free time is almost non-existent. It’s OK to feel like something is missing from your life. Whether that’s intellectual stimulation, adult interaction or expendable income, it’s possible to fill the gap with the many work-at-home opportunities available for women in today’s telecommuting world.

Working from home for females can sound like a dream come true with no commute and no one telling you what to do (theoretically). You own your own schedule. You can make appointments in the middle of the day. You sleep in if you feel sick, and work late into the night if you’re so inclined. But before you think working from home is the most ideal situation, there area couple of expectations to keep in mind:


As you’re making the decision to work from home, consider how well you are with self-motivation. If you’re employed by a company and work from home, motivation may have a different effect on you because pressure still exists for you to complete work deadlines, stay plugged in with meetings and e-mail, etc. But no matter what capacity in which you are working from home, you’ll be required to manage your time well.

Expectations (on you and by you)

What are going to be the constraints put upon you by your employer or your clients? Will you have to be available between certain hours? Will you need to be online? Available on phone?

Conversely, what are you looking to get out of the work-from-home experience? Do you want to be able to work till midnight and sleep in? Do you want to take Fridays off? To a certain extent, you may have to be flexible with your expectations, but you should also make your work from home goals a priority. Set aside some time to create a contract with yourself to set in stone your responsibilities, tasks, priorities and goals.

Determine what you’re good at, or consider something you’ve always wanted to try, and dabble a bit until you find your niche.

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