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Work Part Time Earn Extra! Be Independent with GharseNaukri

Jobs for Women

Unless you are born with a silver spoon, making ends meet might be your whole time occupation as a housewife.  Things only get worse if you belong to the middle or lower middle class of society. Many times you must have considered doing a part time job. But there is a hitch in it. Firstly, such jobs are not easily available and secondly, doing a job also means being away from house responsibilities and children and for many women, it is not an option at all. The only option left is, if only you could do a “GharSeNaukri” part time job. That would allow you to be at home to attend to necessary responsibilities and manage your children and also help you make some extra money for the house or yourself. After all, a women’s life is not all about thinking of needs of others. She too has certain needs that can make her feel happy.

Are you financially independent?

For all the women who are feeling a need for an additional source of income to improve the quality of family life and be financially independent, “GharSeNaukri” is just the right opportunity. It is a ‘work-from-home’ job portal with a unique distinction. It caters to only women freelance job-seekers. Women have for long been the most neglected section of our society. Very few are lucky enough to have the freedom to do a job and use the income as per their own free choice. Most of the women, even if they are educated, have to relinquish their desire to work after marriage because of family pressure, household work responsibilities or childbirth. A person without financial power automatically tends to be submissive and less empowered.

Start earning with “GharSeNaukri”

The thought behind launching “GharSeNaukri” portal is to provide every woman a chance to earn a respectable monthly remuneration by doing a part-time freelancing job. By getting a part-time job a woman can manage her household responsibilities and side-by-side, also do the job. There are many jobs that do not strictly require a person to be at an office only. These jobs can be handled equally well from a home. These jobs include jobs like Tele-Sales, Tutor, Content writing, Data entry, data processing, email, SMS campaigns, designing etc. There are unlimited job openings in various industries and employers are willing to offer jobs as they save a lot of allowances that they need to otherwise forward to a regular employees. With freelancing jobs, they only need to pay commissions for the work done and there are no basic salaries, HRAs, TA-DA, paid leaves, maternity leaves etc.

How to take advantage of “GharSeNaukri”

Any woman can be a part of the “GharSeNaukri” by registering on the web portal online and uploading her detailed resume. The employers can ‘hire’ freelancers by going through the skills and education background. Employers also advertise their jobs on the portal and interested women can apply for such jobs. A large number of brands are associating themselves with this revolutionary job concept because it gives them a readymade opportunity to fulfill their ‘social responsibility’. The portal has a marketing team dedicated in reaching out to more and more brands to make them advertise their freelance job openings using “GharSeNaukri”. They are informed unequivocally that the portal wants to promote the cause of ‘women empowerment’ and every brand gives the idea their thumbs up. You can make most of the opportunity by registering as soon as possible and pick and choose the best paying part-time job that you think you can manage along with your other household responsibilities.
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