These work from home jobs for women are all you need to know to get started right now!

GharSeNaukri Work From Home Jobs for Women

As work flexibility is becoming a part of today’s generation jobs, more and more opportunities are coming for working women. Every company, either large or small, is offering the work from home jobs especially for women.

If you’re a woman looking for work from home jobs, GharSeNaukri has got you covered! All you need is a basic set of computer skills, internet connection, a PC and never-say-no enthusiasm. Whether it’s having a hard time after getting a baby or just tired of 9 to 5 jobs, work from home jobs for women are those kinds that can give you the leisure to work anytime, anywhere.

These part-time jobs for women can help you earn money by spending less time.

1. Corporate English Teacher

If you’re bilingual or English is your native language, then this job may interest you. Students and corporate from countries like Japan, Korea, Germany, France, etc. are always in search for someone who can assist them in learning the English language.

They need someone who can practice with them via phone calls or video calls (Skype works best for this). Hence, a reliable speedy internet connection is a must for this job. And sometimes this also needs you to put at least 20 hours of work weekly.

The payment can go anywhere from $15 to $35 hourly depending on your proficiency and degree.

2. Internet Assessor or Search Engine Evaluator

GharSeNaukri Work From Home Jobs for Women

This is something promising if you spend loads of hours on internet surfing. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines hire search engine evaluators on a freelance basis to rate their current search engine results.

Another great feature of this job is that they prefer native for every language (so don’t worry if your English is weak). For instance, if you’re currently residing in India for more than 5 years and can understand, read Hindi and English languages perfectly, you’ve passed the first hurdle.

The payment for such job depends on the company, but it usually falls somewhere from $8 to $15 for an hour.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Women with GharSeNaukri

Virtual assistants are skilled, home-based professionals that can offer services on different levels of administration and entrepreneurship. There is no restriction on choice of services, it can be anything from book-keeping to making internet phone calls or just email handling.

Everything depends on your expertise, experience, and availability to work. Virtual assistants can make anywhere from $10 to $60 per hour.

4. Social Media Manager

This work from home job for women is something that you’ll love if you love networking. Basically, your job evolves utilizing social media platforms as power tools for your company. But this lucrative job requires some strong skills in writing, content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and graphics creation.

You can get paid anywhere from $10 to $120 hourly, but a strong knowledge of networking, marketing and experience add weight to your salary.

5. Writer

You might have heard about blogging, technical writing, creative writing and many similar things. But writing is not as easy as it looks. You can earn more than $100 to $5,000 more in a week, but this one requires expertise too.

For a warm-up, you can start working as a freelance writer and by the time you gain one or two degrees and experience, you can start your own blog or even work for giant companies.

You can even take up free courses on writing which are available for free from many reputed websites. So, dig deep before making a choice.


Jobs for Women as Virtual Assistant, Content Writer Social Media Expert,Researcher,Data Surveyor.

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