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Work from home jobs for women are increasing during COVID-19 pandemic

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Well, we have been hearing these days “work from home” is the new normal. With COVID pandemic, while every organization started with the work from home concept, the good news is that the number of women looking for an option to restart their career has also risen in present times. This is quite evident from GharSeNaukri.com’s database, in which the number of women professionals registering on the website is rising.

While, there is this kind of uncertainty going on among the professionals that layoffs and cost-cutting will be the side effects of this pandemic, and getting a job during this time is difficult, the silver lining is that getting a job is possible at this time too.  There are still many organizations that are on a hiring spree, offering work from home or part-time or freelancing jobs.

What our report says? 

The rise in women seeking to start their career has been particularly seen in major metro cities like Delhi- NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune. In fact, Bangalore and Delhi NCR have been offering the maximum number of work from home jobs.

What is the cause of this rise? 

GharSeNaukri.com, one of the reputed career and community platforms for jobs for women, has seen an increase in people opting for working remotely and actively seeking work from home jobs since the COVID-19 crisis began. This increase is the outcome of several factors:

  • Professionals are either laid off or are in the constant fear of being laid off soon.
  • In terms of economic uncertainty, many homes are now accepting the “double-income” norms. Hence, more and more women are applying on this job portal.
  • Some people are looking for additional sources of income through part-time and project-based flexible and remote works.
  • And of course, due to health and safety concerns, many others have made up their mind that they want to switch to a remote job rather than working in office location and getting infected.
  • Last but not the least, many organizations/employers have made work-from-home the new norm for a majority of the workforce, and are offering remote working jobs, especially for women who want to make a comeback or want to begin their career.

Industries we serve 

GharSeNaukri.com has also seen that there are some popular industries, which women professionals are focussing on while searching for jobs. These industries include:

  • Data/Market Research
  • Software Development & Programming
  • IT and ITeS (Web design, graphic design, content, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing)
  • Human Resource
  • Education
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Publishing houses
  • Finance
  • E-commerce

Our demanding work from home jobs for females
Certain job roles such as content writing, tele calling, digital marketing, online teaching, data entry, survey works, software programming, developing, graphic designing, translation are some of the highly-demanded jobs for women, and women professionals are majorly applying for these jobs on this job portal.

Ajatshatru, the CEO of GharSeNaukri.com, says

“GharSeNaukri is already a part of this Gig economy while creating more and more freelance and part-time job opportunities. Despite the pandemic, we have seen more and more women are looking for work from home opportunities in our platform. This pandemic has actually become a blessing for women to opt for work from home jobs and also meet their family commitments. GharSeNaukri.com is striving to be the country’s biggest Home-Based Opportunity creator by the year 2022. “


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