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Work as a Part Time Tutor from Home

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If you are a college going girl, a married lady or a retired woman, who is exploring possibilities of working from your home from then one of the best way of doing so, is by becoming a tutor. No matter where you live, a big city or a small town, parents all over India are paying great attention towards their studying children these days. They want them to do the best to succeed in today’s highly competitive job world. Of course, in every city a large number of tuition centers have mushroomed up but most parents still prefer somebody who runs small batches and lives nearby. Moreover, with technology entering in every aspect of our lives, even tuitions have become hi-tech. Now you can give online tuitions to students in any part of the country, or even anywhere in the whole world using computers, internet and virtual classrooms.

A Job platform to empower women!

GharSeNaukri” is the podium you can use to get tuition assignments either from your locality or online tuition jobs. It is job portal dedicated to proud women of India who want to earn money on their own and live with dignity. If you are lucky enough to have a house where you are free to do a regular office going job, it is awesome. But if you are somebody who has certain pressing reasons or domestic responsibilities that keep you at home, then you can use services of “GharSeNaukri” and get a plethora of job options which you can do being at your home itself. These job options include vocations likeContent writer, tutor, tele-caller, investment advisor, HR recruiter etc. If teaching is your forte then you can easily get a lot of students by registering with this revolutionary job portal, launched with the noble aim of women empowerment.

How to give online tuition

In case you want to give online tuitions, you will need to first understand how you can make use of the technology. All you and your student need is a PC, webcam, mic and internet connectivity. Once you have a PC ready with webcam, mic and internet, you can register yourself on video chat platforms like Skype or Google hangout or broadcast directly using Youtube or Google Plus. At your chosen tuition time, all your students can log in to the video chat platform and select the group chat mode. With a little practice you will learn how to interact with a group. If you are teaching online, then you will surely need a whiteboard to show mathematical calculations or diagrams and charts. Virtual whiteboard Applications like “Talk and write”, “Idroo” and “Scribblar” will help you out in this regard. You can use Google docs to share spreadsheets and word documents with your online students in real time.

Who can be a tutor?

Any woman, who holds at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the subjects she wants to teach, can be a tutor at “GharSeNaukri”. She should be willing to work in flexible hours between noon and late evening. Of course, the applicant must be computer and internet savvy also. She should have a good typing speed and proper command over the medium of teaching which can be English, Hindi or any regional language of India. So go ahead and earn anything between 13,000 and 40,000 per month from the stress-free environs of your home and make yourself feel more empowered and successful.
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