Women – A Potential Resource for an Organisation


Career and Community Portal for Women
Career and Community Portal for Women.

Human Resource Planning is one of the most crucial requirements for any business/organization to sustain in the competitive milieu. It is also in the benefit of every organization to focus on diversity recruitment and a core component of their workforce should include women with flexible work hours. According to Knowledge Centre Catalyst Inc ‘If India can increase women’s labour force participation by 10 percentage points (68 million more women) by 2025, India could increase its GDP to 16%.’

India has a vast repository of potential women workforce. The question then here arises how to harness this power for a positive outcome. It is here that every organization should understand the tangible benefits that one achieves from hiring women on a part time or consultancy basis or providing short term/assignment based jobs. The bottom line thus is empowered women, high quality innovation and recruitment across a cross section of substantially talented women workforce.

Every organization has a responsibility towards the development of the Nation. Its contribution is not limited only to economic development but also social development and investing in women is most productive and beneficial….because empowered women can make their own decisions, families are healthier and the community progresses.

GhareSeNaukri is the interface between organizations looking for diverse women recruits and women who want to be economically independent. GharSeNaukri is not just a portal for online job postings or recruitment advertisements; it is a community in itself which focuses on bridging economic and social gender gaps. Thus organizations wishing to hire and invest in women should endorse the concept of our career portal and focus on encouraging innovation through an egalitarian work culture, flexible working hours and eliminating the concept of rigid work timings.

Women working with flexible working hours can be the most optimal resource for an organization. When an organization identifies its employee’s strengths and generates a mix of talents, creativity is enthused in the place of work and the output is phenomenal. It is the social responsibility of organizations to work towards socio-economic parity and play a crucial role in women’s advancement.  Organizations should rely on power and versatility of a diverse women human resource. It has to be understood that, innovations tend to come from small cohesive groups and not from large, structured efforts.  Melinda Gates has rightly stated “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” Hence let every organization develop a hiring policy, to give that voice to women, to enhance their skills and pave the way for their economic independence.

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  1. Hi I am monika sharma as a MSW i have lot experience in project management
    Project Execution Monitoring and Controlling , Skill development sector ,Counselling have experience in Community Mobilization ,education sector with British council also working in Socio -economic Surverys , Women & Child Development also worked in women and girl child Health sector , working in event management .

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