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Women Employees, Don’t Overdo to be a “Good Employee”: Avoid Doing These 6 Mistakes at the Workplace

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Women in the workforce are constantly under the pressure to prove themselves in our male-dominated workforce. In many cases, along with regular official works, women employees, especially the new joinees or those at the initial phase of their career, try to do different extra tasks to be a “good” employee. Usually, they feel that taking on extra tasks, whether as a part of their job or completely not related to their job, will improve their office reputation. However, HR experts, mentors and counsellors advise that women employees who are seeking a great career with satisfying growth potential, should not overdo and avoid making these 6 mistakes at the workplace.

Planning and arranging office parties

If your job role is a part of “planning and executing office celebrations,” then obviously you have to do your job. If not, then there’s no point in becoming a part of the Party Planning Committee. And if for some reasons, your organization do not have any official position in the admin team to arrange parties and such gatherings, then duties should be shared by all employees turn wise.

Getting treats for colleagues

Being a new employee, no doubt, it is very essential to be in the good books of everyone. But, that does not mean that you need to show your culinary skills to others. In other words, you may be good baker or chocolatier at home, but that does not mean that you have to bring in cupcakes or chocolates for your co-workers. It is not advisable to fall into the stereotypically ‘feminine’ roles within the office, like as getting coffee for meetings, treats for lunch, organizing office parties, etc.

Overly spending on clothing or beauty treatments

To look good and presentable is essential. But, that does not entitled you to spend beyond your means on clothes and accessories. Some offices have dress codes which all employees should follow. But unless you are associated in a very specialized field (maybe as an editor of a fashion magazine or as a PR officer in a Corporate firm), there’s no need to spend more than what you earn. But, yes, make sure that you’re sticking to the dress code and be comfortable in what you wear.

Apologizing on a regular basis for no fault of yours

There is this tendency for women to apologize constantly at work place. If the reason is genuine and related to a mistake in your office work, and you sincerely regret it, then of course, asking for an apology shows your sincerity towards your work, and this is highly appreciated. But, if you have taken a sick leave or if you are in doubt about a work related issue and asking the same query again and again to your colleague, and for that you are apologizing too often, you are doing yourself an injustice. This, infact, shows your weakness and not your strength.

Tolerating harassment

Tolerating harassment of any kind is not at all necessary. Even if your job is at stake, it does not mean that you will compromise or you will remain silent. Harassers are needed to be punished for their disgraceful actions. Don’t be a part of #Metoo Movement when it is too late. Rather, stop that there and then itself.

Constant disturbances to your work-life balance

Last but not the least, don’t over exert yourself to prove yourself. You are good and that is why you have been selected. But, in order to prove yourself to be a good employee, you should not go that extra mile by staying back after office hours or coming office before time or using your weekends for office work. Don’t work beyond your regularly-scheduled office time. You should know how to maintain a proper work-life balance from the very beginning of joining your new office.


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