Women can now Work from the Comfort of their Homes


Indian society has seen a sea change in the last two decades and women have succeeded in making their considerable presence felt in every professional field. They are becoming CEOs and high-ranking executives in top organizations. They have proven that if given an opportunity, they can be as effective as men in any professional capacity. Today we can find women in hospitals, manufacturing industries, financial sector, BPOs, MNCs, schools, bureaucracy, judiciary, software industry, journalism and defense services etc. Yet there is a huge section of the women population which is deprived or prevented from doing office jobs. Reasons may range from family responsibilities to attitude and mindset of the family members.

Some women need to stay at home

Some women don’t prefer to do an office job because of often heard cases of crime against women at work places. Then there are women who are either Moms to be or have just given childbirth and who wouldn’t be taking an office job for a few years or so. Moms with growing up children also prefer to stay at home to take care of the educational and psychological needs of adolescent children. For all such women, the ideal scenario is to get a job that they can do from the comforts of their homes. But are such “GharSeNaukri” jobs really available? Well, good news is, now it is very much possible for women to get a job of their choice which they can do comfortably from their home.

So let’s send jobs to your home

GharSeNaukri” is a job portal which has hit the online-jobs world with a big bang. The core impetus of the portal is to contribute towards the vital social cause of ‘women empowerment’. That’s why; it is a “for women only” job portal. For long, the most vulnerable and deprived section of women have been ignored by the government policies and social movements. Only the liberated and elite section of Indian women has been showcased as the ‘empowered women’. But unless and until something is done for the at-home women, the fruits of women empowerment will remain on the tables of the few elites. The best solution is to offer ‘work from home’ jobs to deprived women and give them an opportunity to be financially strong and independent. After all, financial independence is key contributor to ‘women empowerment’.

OMG! So many jobs!

You can choose from a number of job options to do your “GharSeNaukri”. The jobs include varied categories like Marketing and sales, web development, content writing, data processing, tutoring, consultancies, research and surveys, customer support etc. If all these jobs appear for only the educated class of women to you then take heart as there are jobs for the specially-skilled women also. These jobs require skills like cooking, knitting, stitching, weaving, embroidery, fashion designing, music, art and craft etc. Almost any kind of job that does not entail a person to be specifically present in an office can be found at “GharSeNaukri” platform.

Feel empowered with your “GharSeNaukri” income

If you are an at-home women, you can use this wonderful opportunity by registering with the portal. You can upload your CV online and make it as effective as possible to highlight all your skills and fortes. The portal also helps you in making a killer CV for a very nominal charge. But letting experts prepare your CV considerably heightens your prospects of landing a dream job.  The best part about a “GharSeNaukri” job is that you will be your own boss and there won’t be any pressure upon you. You can side-by-side attend to the needs of your children and home responsibilities and work comfortably in your free time. Now be ready to experience the joys and dignity of earning your own income that too by working in the comfortable environs of your home. Wow!

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