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Why job seeking women should trust or thrive on GharSeNaukri.com?

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Why in India women do not work?

Three In Four Indian Women Don’t Work. Is it lack of skills or lack of jobs or other reasons? Neither lack of skills nor lack of jobs…its other factors that contribute to a woman not working in India…

First of all, all women are set to believe from their childhood that they are born to be homemakers, the caretaker of the family. Prime responsibilities are to get married, rear children and take care of the family.

India has always been a male-dominated society where the menfolk work and the womenfolk are confined to their homes. While the work done by men are considered as works and they are paid, the work done by women at home are considered their birthright duties and they are not paid. This is the scenario in almost all homes, especially in the rural and remotest areas of the country.

Now, if we consider the urban women, the situation may slightly look better.  They are educated and many of them work and earn. But, when we consider in totality, women’s participation in workforce is very less…there is always this increasing gender disparity at the workplace.

It’s not because of lack of skills or lack of jobs….it’s the other reasons

Many women quit their jobs, whether in rural or urban, formal sector or informal, illiterate women or post-graduates. Some prominent issues:

  • Sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Low salary as compared to male employees
  • Insecurity
  • Mobility problems or absence of safe public transport

For married women, in addition to the above, there are other factors too.

  • Child rearing and care
  • No child care facilities at office
  • Household works
  • Societal obligations
  • Looking after the elderly family members in the home
According to latest reports, over 48% of working women under the age of 30 take a break in their career, citing maternity as the top reason

As a matter of fact, India has seen a major dip in the number of urban working women, especially after marriage. The reasons are the ones mentioned above. All these duties and responsibilities are delegated to women of the family since a long period of time.

There are plenty of reasons for which a woman should work:

  • She earns
  • She learns
  • She forms her own identity
  • She becomes empowered
  • She feels better about herself
  • She becomes a role model
  • She supports her family
  • She contributes to the economy
  • She becomes stronger, better and independent
  • She makes better decisions….and many more

Why job seeking women should trust or thrive on GharSeNaukri.com?

GharSeNaukri.com is the only online platform in the country which is women oriented. A career platform where we are giving emphasis on working from home, gig economy concept and flexible working models.

Just imagine a situation….

You are at home…your husband has left for his office and your kids have gone to school. Your maid has come and doing her duties and you too are free now after doing your regular errands. What’s next? Do you just idle away your time or do you want to do something constructive while being at home and earn?

This is where GharSeNaukri.com helps you. Explore here a wide range of job opportunities which you can do conveniently from home. This is one of the largest career platforms for women. We already have more than 5 lakh women registered with us and they are all occupied in the part-time jobs of their choice.

The best part is that they work from home as per their convenience and they are earning without stepping out of their homes. Isn’t this exciting?

A perfect platform to maintain work-balance. We are an objective-driven, purpose-led company striving to improve social relations in the family and also improving financial growth for women at home.

While many talk of women empowerment, we are actually making it a reality.

Join us today!!! Register on our site or send us your resume at hr@gharsenaukri.com. Or else, give us a call at 9266660121.


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