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Why it is Necessary for a Woman to Work? The Need for Financial Independence for a woman

Need for financial independence
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Nowadays, we talk a lot about women empowerment. What exactly is women empowerment? In dictionary, the meaning of women empowerment is given as follows:

Making a woman stronger, confident, especially in controlling her life and claiming her rights

The real women empowerment actually comes with financial independence – no matter what. To be financially independent means to be self-independent, which in one way or the other helps you to lead a life of your own, and the end result is “empowerment”.

Why it is necessary for women to be financially independent?

It is through financial independence, a woman gains confidence, stands on her own feet, it helps her in making decisions and she becomes an equal contributor to the family and society.

No matter how rich you are, financial independence is important in every phase of a woman’s life. It is important not only for women from rural and low-income communities, but also for women from rich, affluent families. No matter how rich your parents are or your husband is, a woman who earns for herself is immediately more in control of her life.

Research reports have shown when women earn, they are able to save and invest almost 70 to 90% of their income, whereas men can invest only 30% to 40% of their income. So, savings done by a woman will always be more than a man.

When a woman is a part of the workforce, it is helpful for the country and economy too.  The country’s GDP can expand more progressively.

Today’s cost of living is high. It is always advisable for both the parents to work to maintain a good standard of living, to provide a good education to the kids and a comfortable lifestyle to entire family. The family’s financial goals can be easily met when both men and women work.

A woman who works becomes a big support at the time of emergencies or adversities in the family. A single bread earner in the family can become risky at times as troubles/problems never knock on the door by informing you. It makes sense when the lady of the house also contributes to the family’s support system.

Financial independent women are confident, good decision makers, have a mind of their own, and their own self-respect.

A financially independent woman does not become a victim of domestic abuses, and can walk out to live a life of her own.

Last but not the least, a woman who is independent can become a mentor and role model for her children and family members. She becomes a strong, confident modern-day woman which everyone looks up to.

Women’s financial independence is possible through jobs and business, something which they want to do willingly and are capable of

To work or to not to work is purely your choice. If you are happy with the “housewife” tag, then remain so. But, it is extremely important for all women – married, single, separated, widowed or divorced to be financially independent. Money is necessary. And when you earn on your own, there is always a great satisfaction“.

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