Why Flexible working hours are good for Company and Women


The aim of any organization is to make profit and for that they would need good employees. Only through the synergy of organizational management this task can be achieved. But there is a growing trend where many companies are offering flexible working hours or work from home benefits which are not only helping companies but also women in many ways and GharSeNaukri is the chief facilitator. When women are ignored, it means a large portion of workforce remains unutilized and when companies have employees coming to office it creates added cost.

It is very simple!

If office work gets done from home companies can save on utilities like electricity, water and general maintenance.

Employees on the other hand can work from home which saves them money to commute and when theses are added up the financial benefits outweigh regular working hours.

For women this is also an outlet to express their intellect other then household work and many companies are following up on this.

People who want to work from home are more serious about work, particularly women and there are plenty of qualified women in the market.

Hiring women to work from home improves efficiency and timely delivery of projects and work assignments which only increases better growth chances.

Working from home is a very serious task and for women it is even harder, but as companies begun to understand this. Women have lot to offer and the best way is to go ahead and help each other.

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