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What to do when you lose your job – Some tips

what to do when you lose your job
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Losing your job is never a pleasant experience. It can completely destroy your life, causing tension, stress and may lead to loss of your confidence. There are many things that get affected when you lose your job –  rent, bills, education fees, household expenses, investments, loans all get affected. But, sitting idle, doing nothing, stressing yourself won’t help. Either you break down completely or you rise up and shine. The choice is yours and of course, the latter is always a better option. Give yourself some time to clear your mind and let the fear and anger subside. And do not hesitate to discuss with your close friends and family who may be able to support you.

Some tips on how to handle a job loss

Here are some tips you could follow to help move forward:

  • Evaluate yourself: When you lose a job, not because of your performance but because the company closes down or not doing well, it can actually be a good opportunity for you to evaluate where you stand in your career. In fact, you can potentially carve out a different path for yourself. Take some time to understand the situation completely, your current position, and evaluate yourself to start your career again.
  • Opt for an alternative job: Of course, staying idle for a long time is not a good idea, neither taking a long career gap. Getting a job immediately as per your profile is also not so easy and simple. The best suggestion here is to accept any job that comes your way so that your CV does not display any career gap. Think over the options available and make a wise decision.
  • Take up part-time or freelancing job: The idea is to keep yourself busy. So long you do not get any full-time lucrative job, you can also opt for freelancing or part-time jobs. This way, you do not become entirely penniless. At least, you can earn some amount of money. Also, helps you to gain more experience. You never know you can actually consider a complete career change.
  • Know your savings and finances: This is very important. You will need to make some changes to your finances, and the advice is to adjust your finances to accommodate your present circumstances. Review your monthly spendings to understand exactly what you owe and how much you need. Needless to say, you need to reduce your spendings. work on your personal budget.
  • Upgrade yourself: This is the best time to upgrade your skills. If you are not getting any job of your choice, try to learn something new. Take up a new course which can be an additional skill on your CV and gives you an added advantage.
  • Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile: Revamp your resume. Before you start applying for jobs, take the time to update your resume and your LinkedIn profile.
  • Connect with your network: This is a good time to connect with your professional and personal networks, personally or online through social media connections. Ask your connections to let you know if they come across jobs that would be a good fit.


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