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What is Work-life Balance and Why is it Important for a Housewife too?

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“Work-life balance” – A very common terminology that we get to hear a lot in today’s time, especially among working professionals. But, is this concept only applicable for working men and women? No, work-life balance is important for all, especially for women staying at home – moms, homemakers, housewives, work-from-home moms.

What is work-life balance?

It is a way by which you prioritize your personal and professional activities in such a way that you enjoy both the worlds equally. Basically, it is a term to describe how an individual maintains a balance between time allocated for work and other aspects of life, which include personal interests, family and social or leisure activities. While for a working woman, it is the allocation of time between professional and personal commitments, in case of a housewife or a stay-at-home mom, it is perfect balance between time allocated for her household activities and time for activities for her personal needs.

Why work-life balance is important for a housewife?

Maintaining a work-life balance is about how you separate your personal and professional life (for a housewife, her family life and household works) without allowing one to encroach upon the other. Both are important, and neither should be neglected. The main reasons why a work-life balance is necessary are as follows:

You maintain your mental health

At a workplace, there is great work pressure, outrageous workloads, severe competition, no appreciation, which create a mental dis-balance in many professionals. The same applies for a woman at home, who manages a family, who has a whole lot of responsibilities to handle. For a woman at home, mental pressure may not be visible but it does take away her mental peace when she has to handle all types of household chores, including her kids, husband, in-laws, and relatives without any support or appreciation. Studies have shown there are dangers like as stress-related illnesses to depression in a woman’s life when there is no work-life balance.

You maintain your physical health and wellbeing

When there is no work life balance, a housewife ends up neglecting her physical wellbeing too. A healthy body needs regular exercises and nutritional food. At times, too much of work at office or too much of household works at home make a woman unhealthy as she does not get enough time to take care of herself. This leads to many lifestyle diseases like as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity etc. Healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You can maintain your mental health by remaining physically healthy, and this is possible when there is work-life balance.

You are less susceptible to burnouts

Occasional stress is normal in everyone’s life, be it at home front or office front. Burnouts of a housewife occur when she is not being able to meet constant demands from her family members. The negative effects of a burnout become visible at every areas of her life, including her personal and social life. Just because, you are staying at home does not mean that you are available 24 hours for your family members. A work life balance helps you to perfectly manage your time in such a way that you complete your family responsibilities and you have “ME” time for yourself too, which help you to avoid a burnout. Work-life balance becomes necessary so that you can separate your household duties and your own duties for your personal benefits.

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