Want to be a Part Time Web Designer or Graphic Artist? GharseNaukri gives you the Opportunity


The world has been going through the IT revolution for the past two decades in a big way. Internet has become a very integral part our lives. All brick and mortar businesses are realizing the importance of having a strong digital presence and the future looks all set to be 90% online. This means having a very dynamic website and Ecommerce platforms. There has been mad rush for web development and India is the major outsourcer of this need. Web companies have lots of job opportunities for freelance web designers and graphic artists.

Dream job portal for women web designers

In case you are a woman who is looking for web designing and graphic artist openings as a freelancer, ‘GharSeNaukri” is a dream job portal for you. It is a portal dedicated to offering “women only” jobs. This means, this portal gives you a head start from other portals as 50% competition of male job seekers is already eliminated here.  Web developers can only keep a few in-house designers and graphic artists on company payroll. Most of the jobs are off-loaded in the freelance domain. This saves the web developers a lot of extra expenses that they need to pay in-house staff in the form of salaries and perks.

A typical “Work from home” job

Web-designing and graphic-designing are two jobs which do not require any office environment. All you need is your PC and your necessary software and web designing plug-ins and online tools and you are ready to go. It is a typical “work from home” job and best part is – It pays really well. You must have creative drawing skills, and expertise in Dreamweaver, Java script, Ajax, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Flash, in Design, Illustrator, Quark Xpress,  Acid Pro, Photoshop, typography, PHP, ASP, C++ etc. Familiarity with template based CMS websites like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc will give you an added advantage.

Creative Designing is easy from home

If you are a married web-designer or a graphic artist with kids and family, “GharSeNaukri” is the best option for you to stay close to family and kids and improve the quality of your life. Being at office can make you a little worried about your kids or home responsibilities which can disturb your creativity. When you work from home, you are more at peace and in a better mood for a creative job like web designing and graphic designing.

What are you waiting for?

All this time you must have explored a lot of online and offline job options without success. “GharSeNaukri” is distinct from other job portals. Apart from catering to women job seekers only, it also makes great efforts to promote you with brands that are offering jobs. To make yourself visible to the employers who are partnering with “GharSeNaukri”, you can register with the portal and upload a very well made out CV which mentions all your professional expertise and skills as well as your earlier job experience and projects. Being a designer, it would be better if you create a resume which has a unique design, layout and creative, infographic style of presenting your information. You can also watch out the ‘jobs offered’ space of the portal to be the first to apply for openings in your field. The best perk that any employer can ever give you is to allow you to work from home. So, what are you waiting for?

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