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Types of Recruitment Agencies that Employers Should Be Aware of

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The human resource department of any organization is involved with variety of tasks related to recruitment process of the organization. Each and every employee in the HR department is assigned with varied responsibilities to take care of. While most organizations have their internal HR team, there are many companies which prefer to outsource the HR works, especially for talent hunt, interviewing, and selecting the perfect candidates. These are handled by external recruiting agencies and they offer different services to meet the varied needs of the recruiters or employers.

Let’s take a look at the different types of Recruitment Agencies and their Services

Employment Agencies

Also referred as Contingency Agencies. These work in close association with client organizations to seek or select top talent as per the company’s requirements. During the recruitment process, these agencies not only pick candidates but also conduct short interviews followed by a few background checks. The chosen ones are then send for final interview with the client. These agencies either charge a one-time payment or charge a fee after selection of their chosen candidate.

Executive Search Firms

These are also known as Retained Search Agencies. The executive search firms help finding the perfect candidates for senior positions. These agencies are hired usually for a short period till the position is filled, and they take a non-refundable fee from the client. These type of recruitment agencies are also known to employ latest hiring tools, candidate tracking software to find the best possible job seekers in the senior role.

Niche Recruiting Agencies

As the name suggests, these agencies are hired by employers to find skilled candidates for specific or niche job roles. For example, a company wants a petroleum engineer with 15 years of experience to undertake a senior management role. Here, a Niche Recruitment Agency works hard only to find candidates who are highly skilled, experienced and exactly as per the requirements of the job role.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Agencies

The RPO agencies are hired to work as an organization’s internal recruitment function. When there is a high demand for mass hiring in a particular company and the internal HR department is not being able to handle it, RPO agencies are needed. Also, those companies which do not have their own HR department requires an RPO agency to undertake some or all of the recruitment responsibilities. These agencies are particularly suitable for start-ups and small companies. The RPOs are effective in putting forward the best results since their expertise lies in outsourcing HR functions only. There are full-scale RPOs which work for a long duration with the employer as the company’s HR department. There are on-demand RPO agencies as well which provide HR services from sourcing, recruiting to coordination as and when the need arises. These are hired on a contractual basis as and when there is a requirement.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are also referred as temp agencies as these agencies usually hire candidates for short-term vacancies. Such vacancies appear when there is a sudden attrition in an organization or when some important bulk projects are needed to be accomplished. Staffing agencies are particularly famous for their skill in finding the best talent for a contractual role.

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