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Types of Employee-Relations Problems at Workplaces and Ways to Tackle Them

Employees-Relations Issues
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For the success of any business, one of the most important requirements for the employers is to maintain a good employee relation. This is not so easy because at times a minor issue can be aggravated to a larger problem if neglected. Sometimes, the failure is on the part of the employer himself for not identifying an employee issue and this at the end of the day, results to an unhappy work environment. It’s an essential need in today’s tome to maintain a cordial relation with employees, to provide a safe and secure workplace, and encouraging and supportive work culture for smooth functioning of the workplace.

Who looks after the employee-relations issues?

Basically, it’s the duty of the HR team to keep a track of such issues, handle them in the most efficient manner so that there are no chances of such issues to take place in the future. Of course, the boss/Director/CEO/employer plays a major role to give full support to the HR team to tackle such problematic issues in the organization. The issues are of various types, may be associated with work environment, work, colleagues, and sometimes even related to the boss himself. The concerned team should be able to identify such issues.

Types of employee-relation issues

We give below the list of the most common employee-relations issues:

Disagreement between the management and the employees

Conflicts or disagreement can happen in any office environment. There can be direct disputes between an employee and employer or the HR. There can be indirect disputes too and all these are on account of many factors. Some disagreements between the boss and employees can lead to a positive outcome and some may not. When the outcome is not a positive one, these conflicts/disagreements spoil the entire workplace. Sometimes, the end result is the termination of the employee because in most of these cases, the management seldom takes the blame.

  • There should be a direct interaction between the two parties, without involving any third party.
  • If the issue is a grave one, interaction of the third party is necessary to hear the two sides of the story and come to a sensible conclusion.
  • It is advisable to use a proper system, a way or a policy to communicate whenever a conflict arises. Effective communication between employees and management helps in avoiding misunderstandings and further conflicts.
Attendance and time issues

This is another problem that most employees face and also faced by employers. Sometimes, there is no proper method of tracking and most organizations follow the i-card punch system. Here, sometimes, another colleague does the “attendance punch” on behalf of some other employee, if he or she plans to come late. This affects the productivity of the late employee and hence the productivity of the company as a whole. This is a loss to the employer. On the other hand, there are some companies, where employees work beyond the working hours and they are not paid for the extra hours, simply because there is no system to track these extra hours. This is a loss to the employees who have worked long hours.


One way to solve this problem is by the use of employee self-service software. Allow the employees to keep track of their in-time and out-time using an efficient time-keeping software device, which cannot be misused. Or else, opt for biometric system for entry and exit. For extra hours, the company should pay the employees. Similarly, for less number of working hours, deduction should be made from employees’ salary.

Salary issues

Salary hike is something which every employee desires for, but at the same this is one of the most common employee-relations issues. The situation arises when there is no increment on time, when one colleague gets a better hike than the other on the pretext of performance, when one colleague gets an increment, while the other does not and so on.

  • To maintain good employee-relations, a systematic salary increment should be followed.
  • The pay scale should be fair and competitive
  • At the time of joining, the employees should get a proper knowledge of their salary ranges, perks, incentives, including job growth and their personal growth.
Safety issues at workplace

This is of utmost importance. Safety of the workplace is necessary for a healthy work environment and better employee relations. Safety issues can be related to anything like as health issues due to work pressure, safety issues related to injury and accident while working, commuting issues at night, and of course, the most important of all, sexual harassment issues. This issue is all the more grave for female employees.

  • The right security measures should be put in place in all organizations, that include proper first-aid equipment, workplace safety, immediate medical attention, proper pick and drop facilities, especially for female employees, no overtime hours and so on.
  • There should also be a proper panel to communicate about sexual harassment issues and effective steps to be taken to prevent such issues.
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