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How tutoring apps are enabling women, stay-at-home moms to pursue flourishing careers?

GuruQ Online Tutors
Business Opportunity for Women

Modern technology has created many new career opportunities and is offering a plethora of work options. More and more people are preferring to break the 9-to-5 job mold and are creating their own professional schedules according to their passion. In recent times, one industry that is offering a wide range of business opportunities to everyone is the Ed-Tech industry.

Ed-Tech Industry

There are broadly two kinds of Ed Tech startups: ones that provide ‘content’ to expedite learning and others who provide ‘tutors’. It is the latter category which allows students and parents to find the right tutors on their respective platforms. These tutor aggregators are allowing people to register their profiles and take up tutoring on the basis of their expertise in various subjects.

But most importantly, they are contributing majorly in offering women the chance for part-time job opportunities or freelance jobs.

These could be women who may have given up their job to look after their children or homemakers or stay-at-home mothers who are looking for earning avenues. These new-age Ed-Tech platforms are offering women exactly the kind of work they need – one that offers them flexibility, lucrative remuneration and the other, the fulfilment of knowing they can make a difference in the lives of young students.

How these tutor aggregators work?

How these tutor aggregators work is that they assemble quality tutors on their web portals or mobile apps across various areas of study such as School Education (K-12), Language Learning, Study Abroad, Competitive Exams etc. They are constantly on the lookout for good tutors who are tech-savvy and ambitious enough to make a decent earning by working out of their homes and providing online tuitions to their students.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of women across India who are cashing in on their potential to make a mark in the highly competitive digital ecosystem, doing all of this from the comfort of their homes. It is thanks to these Ed Tech platforms and start-ups, that remarkable job opportunities have cropped up for women who want to earn or may have and to sacrifice their careers for some reason. Now, these women have the opportunity to earn money without leaving the comfort of their homes. These tutor aggregators offer complete independence to these women to customize their tutoring schedules as per their convenience.

They also help students access their profiles through one of the many ways such as search, broadcast, in-app promotions etc. They are persistently working on providing students with access to good quality tutors, thus bridging the student-tutor gap, and in turn, creating better and more sustainable job opportunities for women with a knack for teaching.


Here are some of the myriad benefits that these aggregator platforms offer:

  1. Career Opportunity: Tutor platforms help women build their entrepreneurial career and channelize their passion for teaching into a sustainable profession.
  2. Increased earnings: Women now have the opportunity to contribute to the household income without leaving their homes. Students can find their profile on the ed-tech platform and choose to learn from them. Tutoring platforms offer a lucrative opportunity to homemakers especially, to expand their teaching scope beyond their own children, and make a decent living while doing so. It is seen that even by investing a limited time of 4 hours per day, tutors can make anywhere between 20-50 K per month. This is one occupation which solely depends on the performance of tutors, and they get many new students purely on referrals if they can deliver results.
  3. Assured Timely Payments: They offer tutors several paybacks like assured timely payments so that they do not have to worry about following up with students or parents.
  4. Credibility: Ones like GuruQ also offer valid certification to tutors that lend enormous credibility in the eyes of students and parents.
  5. Customization & Personalized Dashboard: They allow to plan and customize class schedules which are extremely useful especially if women are homemakers or have young children. The personalized dashboard on platforms GuruQ allows for Easy Class and Student Management.

Such platforms are not just expanding the opportunities for self-employment but are also giving students and parents the option of finding reliable and suitable home tutors in their vicinity.

Thanks to the rapid pace at which technology is growing, Ed Tech platforms are enabling women, homemakers, stay-at-home mums and others like senior citizens and college graduates to earn and become their own bosses. It has also created many super tutors who have evolved their home tutoring business into vast commercial enterprises!

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