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Top Jobs for Women Over 40 Looking for Career Change

Career choices at 40

The following article has been sent to us by Natasha Shetty. Natasha is our guest writer for our blog. We request our readers to send articles written by them on topics related to women, kids, and family. Or any short stories. Here is a chance to pen down your thoughts. Please join us as our guest author and get your article published on our blog. 

About the Author

Natasha Shetty is a passionate blogger whose career revolves around writing. Which she fondly calls “the art of words”. Writing about career and business is what she enjoys the most.

Top Jobs for Women Over 40 Looking for Career Change

So you’re a woman and over 40. And you’re looking for a career change. So, what’s stopping you? Surely, you’ve heard this old adage: “Life begins after 40.”

Why This Happens?

Unfortunately, we women tend to forget this conveniently. The reason: we falsely believe that there’s not much we can do after that witchy figure 40 because we imagine our energy levels are low, we’ll be living through that plethora of hormonal changes and sometimes, that unshakable feeling that enough is enough.

Another reason: we spend a lot of time doing some job but fail to make a career. There’s a difference between merely working at some position and making a career.

Therefore, if you’re a woman over 40 looking for a career change, here’re some of my suggestions. But first, let’s see reasons why we can or should change careers after 40 as woman.

Reasons for Women over 40 to Change Careers

I can understand you’re working somewhere and possibly at a top position too. However, for some reason, you could be unhappy with several things.

  •  Long commutes between home and workplace.
  • Limited growth opportunities due to gender bias.
  • Household responsibilities causing high stress.
  • Gender income divide due to any reasons.
  • Need to start working again due to any reason.

There’re countless other reasons you may wish to have a career change after 40. However, another major hurdle we face is diffidence. We’re largely unsure whether we can master newer technologies at this age and cope with the pressures that accompany job and career change.

If this is indeed your care, there’s nothing to worry about. There’re plenty of jobs for women over 40 looking for career change that enable you to work from home as well.

Sounds interesting? Stay with me as I briefly describe each one of these lucrative career change opportunities for women over 40.

Top Career Change Options for Women Over 40

Before I start, here’s something I should tell you. Some of these career change options for women after 40 may require special skills. However, that’s nothing to fear because I’ve personally taken training for one such skill and found it rather simple. Maybe you too would wish to do the same.


Blogging is something I would never consider if I had a choice. But I became a blogger and am loving it. Here’s why you should consider blogging if you’re also a woman over 40 and looking for career change.

Blogging requires excellent research which we’re fairly good at. And of course, some writing skills too. You can blog about any topic of your choice. It could be about environment, cooking, fitness, women’s rights, education or just anything that you’re passionate about.

Ever heard of Ariana Huffington? She is the boss at Huffington Post, a very popular website that kicked off as a blog. And she’s now a billionaire too. I’m not promising that blogging would make you a billionaire overnight. But with some efforts, you could well be on the way.

Digital Marketing

When I began blogging, I also found it important to learn digital marketing, the thought of attending classroom training with teenagers and people in mid-20s was enough to cause butterflies in my belly. Yet, I had to rebel against such thoughts and go for it.

Digital marketing is a career you can easily opt for after 40s, as a woman.  It allows you to work from home for businesses and blog site owners for a very decent pay. You can learn processes such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and lots more.

An excellent thing about digital marketing is that courses are of three to four months duration and only on weekends. The skills you acquire can fetch you an excellent job with quite a good pay. Or you can work as a freelance digital marketer on your own terms or launch a startup offering digital marketing services to businesses and bloggers.

Multilevel Marketing

There’s no denying that we love to chat and sometimes gossip. Of course, we do that within the confines of our social network only- online or offline. Have you ever thought about using this feminine gift to earn some really good money from home?

If not, I suggest you look at Multilevel Marketing or MLM as a career option. There’re strong reasons why I’m suggesting MLM. Most MLM companies actually make products with female customers in mind.

These include nutritional supplements, skincare and beauty products as well as kitchenware. Now I cannot imagine a male selling that kind of stuff to women in India for obvious reasons. Refer to a list of upcoming MLM companies for 2020 and sign-up for one or more that suits your needs and social circle.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, here’s something more you should know. These three career options for women over 40 are easy. Meaning, you won’t face much hurdles during transition – something that we love to avoid.

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