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Top 6 Benefits of Becoming a Home Care Nurse: Get Home Nursing Jobs Today

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Home care nurses provide health care services for patients in their homes. In today’s age, there has been a great demand for home-care nurses as many families want their sick family member to remain in the comfort of their own home and they can stay abreast of their loved one’s health condition.

Role and Responsibility

The roles and responsibilities of a home care nurse remain the same as a regular hospital nurse. The only difference is that you get to work in a home instead of a hospital. Home care nurses look after patients in their homes, administering proper care after discharge from a hospital. Most home care nurses work with the patients having mobility issues and for whom full time attention is required, especially for the elderly people.  They also work with children having developmental issues.

Skills of home care nurse

A diploma, certification, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing is a must. Some opt for specialized nursing courses in Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM) & General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM).

In addition to the formal qualification, a home care nurse needs to be compassionate, should have a caring and lovable nature, should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Nursing is for anyone who has an inherent desire to help and serve others. Being a home care nurse, you need to be self-directed, you should be able to connect with the patient and his/her family members too and you should know to manage your time efficiently.

Benefits of being a home care nurse

Nowadays, the concept of home health care is booming. If you are a professional nurse and working in a hospital setting is taking a toll of your life, you can opt for becoming a home care nurse. As a home care nurse, there are many benefits:

  1. The most important of all is that you are not supposed to work in a depressing hospital environment. You avoid the high stress and intense environment of the hospital room and get a chance to work in a less stressful environment.
  2. You provide care for patients in their homes where you can enjoy a homely atmosphere.
  3. The job may at times be physically demanding but you will handle one patient only, instead of moving from one patient to another in a hospital setting.
  4. You can make your own schedule and can manage time for your personal commitments too. There is flexibility in your work profile
  5. You can be more independent in your nursing practice. It’s a personal rewarding career for you as you are given greater autonomy in your responsibilities, and you learn on your own how to manage and assist patients based on your opinion and knowledge.
  6. You get a chance to give a more personal care to the patient which is not possible in a hospital setting, where you need to handle many patients. Thus, it has rightly been said, home nursing care is “real” nursing.

Get Home Nursing Jobs Today

GharSeNaukri.com proudly introduces HealthCare atHOME, a  pioneer in bringing personalized and professional home health care services in the country. HealthCare atHOME is looking for professional nurses, to take care of patients at their homes as per 12-hour shift per day. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to avoid working in a traditional hospital setting  but want to pursue a rewarding nursing career which offers independence, flexibility and good money.

For job details, check out Hiring Nurses GNM, ANM For HealthCare AtHome, Home Services. You can also connect with us at 9266660121.


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