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Top 5 Reasons for Professional Women Taking a Mid-Career Break

Taking a career break has become a common scenario in today’s job market today. While we think most professional women take a break from their career for family obligations, for children and for maternity reasons, there are many who prefer to take a mid-career break for variety of other reasons. You can use a career break as an opportunity to work on your career change for a better job prospect or to set up your own business or go freelancing or get trained to return in a different area.
Why more and more women prefer taking a career break these days?

  1. Career Dissatisfaction: One common reason is your job itself. In many cases, the career path that you have chosen does not give you the satisfaction or happiness that you are looking for in your job. You are just not sure of your job, inspite of the fact that you are a in a well-paid job in a good company. Taking a career break under such circumstances is good, even if it is for few months, as it gives you time and space to reconsider the various options available and make a move and apply for a new job.
  2. To follow a hobby or passion: While climbing up the career ladder, many do not give a thought about their dreams or passion in life. Gradually, when you enter your middle age with a full-fledged career, you realise that you still have not fulfilled your dreams yet. Then comes the decision of taking a career break and to use the time as “ME” time only. This time period can be utilised in many ways. It can be your hobby, be it painting, dance, music, reading and many more. Or it can be a time to rediscover and rejuvenate yourself. This is basically your time to reignite your passion in life.
  3. Make a difference to the world: There are many who take a career break to make a difference to the world. It can be teaching your maid’s son or or work in an NGO to help the poor and needy. Such a contribution by helping someone in need or by doing any  kind of voluntary work can be hugely rewarding, maybe not in monetary terms but for a mental satisfaction.
  4. Around the world: As a professional woman, you have earned and saved quite a lot for yourself. You have this inherent desire to see the world around you. You are still young to travel. You feel this is the right time for you and you decide to take a career break. If travelling is something that you have kept in your “To do list”, then it makes sense to take a break, travel while you can enjoy it.
  5. Upgrade your skill: There are times when you cannot move up the career ladder or you cannot move in a different direction without the relevant experience and skill. But, of course, getting that skill is not always easy. One way to do this is by taking a career break and upgrading your skill. This can be taking up a new course of study or learning a new technical skill. There are instances of professional people going abroad for higher course of education which is not available in our country and coming back to the home country to start a new job with a new profile. By doing this, you not only learn something new, you also get the experience of a new culture and you also get the much-needed break that you had longed for.

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