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Top 5 Flexible Jobs for Women over 50: GharSeNaukri.com Helps in Restarting Career

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For a woman at the age of 50, it is time to enter a new phase of life. You are now in a better living style with more free time. Yes, this is true. Now, your kids have grown up and can manage on their own and so you do not have to be at their beck and call all the time. You are more or less settled now. Maybe you had left your professional career mid-way for your kids but now you want to get back to work. Maybe you are currently employed, but looking for a career change. So, what do you do?

Do you think, it is late to restart your career now? No, not at all !!! It is never too late for anything. There are a number of options available when it comes to looking for a new career or restarting a career post-50 years of age. Infact, a woman in her 50s is in a much better position to leverage her rich professional experiences, personal wisdom and maturity in her work.

GharSeNaukri.com opens its doors for returning professional women over 50

GharSeNaukri.com is associated with a number of leading companies in the country which provides a number of flexible, part-time job opportunities suitable for women over 50. Here are some job ideas for the next phase of their career:

Online Tutor/Home Tutor

Do you have a passion for working with children and making them learn? Do you remember those days when you used to teach your own children? So, you might consider a job in teaching. Fortunately, you have many teaching opportunities available for you, where you devote a few hours of your time and join as an online tutor or a home tutor. Use your education in a better way and teach others. This is one of the best job options for a woman over 50.

Freelance Writer

A writer writes depending on her expertise on any subject. One of the best job options suitable for a woman over 50 is writing jobs, be it as an SEO writer, a web content writer, an academic writer, feature writer and so on. The best part is that most companies hire writers as a freelancer. You get a chance to work from home for short-term writing projects as a freelancer. If you have good writing skills in Hindi or English, get set to join as freelance writer. There is a wonderful job opportunity available as a Hindi writer at Shabnagari. Women over 50 who enjoy writing can take advantage of the hundreds of perks of being a freelance writer, the most relevant of which is having the chance to earn money even while traveling.


There is always the need for counselors. Women over 50 interested in careers as counselors should, however, have a degree or certificate in their area of specialization. It is seen in most cases, people are more comfortable with women counselors. And worldly experience with age is an added bonus. If you are planning to be a counselor but do not have the necessary qualification, there are many courses available which you can opt for and specialize in your field of interest, be it as career counselor, marriage counselor, substance abuse counselor and so on. Why not do it professionally and channelize it better? How about joining in an Entrepreneurship Opportunity For Career Counselling In Edumilestones?

Digital Marketer /SEO specialist

As more and more companies turn to social media and the Internet to promote their brand, company, products and services, there is the need for digital marketing professionals and SEO specialists. The best part is that these works can be done on project basis or as freelance, giving you lots of flexibility. If you have a background in marketing and writing experience and SEO, this is a good job profile for a woman over 50. GharSeNaukri.com also provides online training programs on Digital Marketing.

Online/Home-Based Recruiters

Another exciting work-from-home opportunity for a woman over 50 is to be a home-based recruiter. Most companies nowadays look for recruiters who can work from home and help in sourcing and recruiting talent for these organizations. Relevant experience in HR is helpful but usually the companies provide you training on this. You are hired to hire someone else, isn’it this exciting?

For more information on flexible jobs for women over 50, get in touch with us at hr@gharsenaukri.com or call us at 9266660121.

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