Top 3 Online Shopping Companies in India with the Best Maternity Policies

Considering the importance on the role of women in the family and their responsibilities towards their children, many Indian companies have started rolling out supportive maternity policies. Till a few years back, the maternity leave was only for a period of 3 months, today, it has been extended to 6 and ½ months. Not only that, companies are also providing flexible hours working, working from home, crèche facilities to the new mothers or the expectant mothers so that they can join back again to the daily grind of deadlines, targets, challenges and victories.

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Here are the 3 best known e-commerce companies in India opting for favorable maternity policies:


This company has become the trend setter by revamping the maternity policies for the female employees of the company. Some of the trend setting policies of FlipKart are as follows:

  • It is the first company to raise the maternity leave period to roughly six months after the immediate announcement of the amendment of the 1961 Maternity Leave Act.
  • It also offers 4 months of flexi-hours working after rejoining with full pay.
  • It also took up the policy of covering the expenses of the delivery of a female employee, up to Rs 65,000 of the cost of a normal delivery, and Rs 80,000 for C-sections.
  • The company also emphasizes the importance “safe and comfortable” travel for its pregnant employees, thereby announcing benefits like as increased daily-travel allowances to pregnant women for 2 months before their maternity leave.
  • Dedicated parking spots for women 2 months before and after their delivery are also alloted.
  • Flipkart’s subsidiary Myntra also has come up with this unique concept of providing pregnant employees milk and fruit baskets, including discounted rates for medical tests, OPD and scans.
  • The new mothers can take a career break without pay for 1 year to take care of the new-born and they can resume at available job opportunities at that time.
  • Counselling sessions for parenting, family health and work-life balance are also provided to its employees with children.
  • The company is soon going to launch day-care centers and crèches at workplace.


The furniture and home décor e-commerce company has been built on the principle of ‘collective ownership’, and true to its objective, it has also laid emphasis on adopting policies and measures for the well-being of its internal stakeholders. The company provides all the necessary support to the female employees during pregnancy and after birth so that they are motivated to return to their work with more focus and refreshed energies. It reintroduced the maternity policy and has extended it to adoption and surrogacy as well. The maternity leave can be availed for a period of 6 months for 2 children. Besides this, the female employees can additionally take up to 3 months leave without pay. They can also opt for the option to work from home for up to 4 weeks immediately after. The new mothers also have the benefit of working in specially designed rooms, equipped with better work stations and chairs. In some cases, the maternity leave can be extended to 1 year and there is a full program to assist them to get back to work.


Snapdeal also has increased the maternity leave from 16 to 25 weeks, and paternity leave from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. This is supposed to be amongst the highest in the industry. Additionally, the new mothers can opt to work from home for 2 months after the completion of the maternity leave period. For adopted infants, there is a maternity leave for 12 weeks. It also has launched an initiative by the name of “Advitya”, which is a 3-month ‘women-returneeship programme.’ By this initiative, women are trained on new skills and new developments when they join back after a long career break. Also, training sessions are conducted to help managers and colleagues build an easier supportive experience for new mothers when they join back. The company’s VP-HR feels that investing in supporting the company’s talent and helping them to grow is essential to retain employees on their abilities.

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