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Top 10 Reasons Why Job-Seeking Women Should Join GharSeNaukri.com

Motivating and Empowering People

GharSeNaukri.com was incepted with the objective of making women of our country, financially independent, self-made and empowered. In just a short span of 4 years, GharSeNaukri has been able to make its mark as an exclusive women-oriented platform to empower women with jobs, mentoring, career guidance and business opportunities. We are providing a helping hand to millions of women seeking emotional and financial support.

Why job-seeking women should join GharSeNaukri.com?

  1. Socio-economic impact: We are a business venture with socio-economic impact on Indian Society. The first of its kind that incorporates, encourages and develop work from home opportunities. Women can maintain their societal obligations, family relations and responsibilities even while working and contributing to the family and economy.
  2. Jobs for returning professionals: For many women professionals who had left their career midway for marriage, child care and other family obligations, you can restart your career here. You will find a host of jobs here just meant for returning professionals
  3. Jobs for moms and housewives: For women who are qualified but cannot take up full-time jobs, and now in the category of “housewives” / “moms” can explore a widest range of work-from-home opportunities here.
  4. Jobs for women with no experience: This is the first of its kind platform where women with no experience at all can find wonderful work opportunities here. Also it provides home-based entrepreneurial opportunities for women with skills
  5. Online Training Programs: For women who have no experience at all can learn here new skills to look for new opportunities. Considering the fact that there is no end to learning, the platform provides online training programs from home to learn or upgrade new technology and job-related skills for better job opportunities.
  6. Perfect Balancing of life and work: You work from home, you don’t have to move out of your home, you have flexible timings to choose from, and you work as per your convenience. We help a woman to perfectly balance her professional and personal life.
  7. Endless earning opportunities: The best part is that you earn while at home. We are empowering women with limitless possibilities.
  8. Trusted employers: We are associated with some of the best known employers in the country. We are associated with employers who are ready to adopt gig economy and flexible work models. With GharSeNaukri.com, you can be rest assured that you will be working with employers who believe in the work value of a woman and offer her all support to work from home.
  9. It’s Secure, Safe and Professional: On-time payment right into your account every week or month is one of the most attracting benefits of joining GharSeNaukri.com. No fraud, no delays. Trusted employers are registered on our site, employers give regular pay or incentives to women as salary. On time payment of your salary makes your job all the more secured.
  10. PAN India presence: Last but not the least, if you feel that GharSeNaukri.com is only for urban educated women, then you are highly mistaken. We have a strong presence all over India, including rural India.

So what are you waiting for? If you really want to bring a difference in your life, bring about a positive impact in your life, contribute to the family and society, its time to join GharSeNaukri.com.

India needs 1.5 million jobs annually and GharSeNaukri.com is addressing this massive opportunity and bridging the gap between women and work. We strive to be the world’s biggest “Opportunity Creator” for women by the year 2025.

Come and join us!!!

For more details, give us a buzz at 9266660121

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